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Undoing What Has You Undone Unabridged Audio CD

Undoing What Has You Undone Unabridged Audio CD
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    Author: Beth Moore
    Format: 1 Unabridged CDs
    Publisher: Oasis Audio
    Size: 6½ X 5½
    Running Time (Minutes): 1 hour
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    As the story of Jillian, Olivia, Adella, and the folks at Saint Sans unfolds, they must wrestle hard with some of the life challenges that plague us all:

    • How did my life get to this place?
    • How can I make sense of my family's story?
    • What can put an end to this cycle of failure in my life?

    The best novels leave you thinking about life and truth long after the last page is read. A Story of Life study has been created to help you get the most out of your novel experience.

    Undoing What Has You Undone is a companion to the novel that contains the biblical teachings behind the novel, insights from Beth, and personal application from God's Word. Grab a coffee and take another look at the kinds of undoing that only God himself can orchestrate.

    Inside you'll find:

    • Excerpts from the novel
    • Reflection questions
    • Links to video clips from Beth's debut Book Club
    • Inspirational teaching