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Library and Educational Services is a
Family Company Serving
Schools, Churches, Libraries, and Resellers.

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As a wholesale distributor, Library and Educational Services has been serving wholesale buyers for 40 years.

Please recommend us to your favorite teacher, pastor, homeschooler, church group, or to your local library!

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Perhaps you’ve never heard of
Library and Educational Services (L.E.S.) before?

We’ve been in business for 40 years now! 

We’re a small family company operating on the banks of the
St. Joseph River in Southwest Michigan.

As a wholesale distributor we sell to libraries, schools (including homeschools), resellers, specialty stores, churches, missionaries, daycare centers, and ministry leaders. 

We ship all over the world, including to military bases.

The CDs, DVDs, and books we choose to distribute are carefully selected to
ensure they are not contradictory to Biblical standards and values.

What's more, we will provide you with knowledgeable, courteous, and outstanding service!
Give us a call and talk to a real, live person! We’ll be happy to answer your
questions or help you with your order.