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Forgiving Jar - Prayer Jar #2 CD

Forgiving Jar - Prayer Jar #2 CD
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    ISBN: 9781640911598
    Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter
    Format: 9 Unabridged CDs
    Publisher: Oasis Audio
    Series: The Prayer Jars
    Size: 6¼ X 5½
    Running Time (Minutes): 12 hours
    Accelerated Reader: No
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    What would happen if you found out someone had been impersonating you?

    Sara Murray has never met her mother's parents and after her mother's death, Sara is surprised to learn her grandparents are Amish and living in Pennsylvania.  When Sara is finally able to make the trip to meet them, she is shocked to learn someone else has been living with them and pretending to be her! Sara can't understand how quickly her grandparents are willing to forgive the imposter.

    Secrets and deceit seem to follow Sara, and she is so tired of it. Though soon she meets and falls for Brad Fuller, who is visiting her grandparents during Christmas; even he seems to pull away from her, not being totally honest. 

    Struggling, Sara finds an old canning jar hidden in the barn that is full of encouraging prayers.  Can Sara find a way to forgive the past and move on to building new relationships?

    Audio CD Read by Rebecca Gallagher