The Newtons Workshop Set of 4 DVDs

The Newtons Workshop Set of 4 DVDs
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    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Moody
    Series: The Newtons Workshop
    Ages: 8 and Up
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    A fun-filled collection of Biblically based, family oriented, live-action videos that help build strong values and a meaningful faith in your child. Structured around answering the questions children have about the world they live in, these videos are sure to entertain as well as educate.

    Titles include:

    The Bug Safari - Entomology

    A home bug invasion forces the Newton's to take action. And an impromptu bug safari through an old warehouse leads to a bigger adventure than anyone had hoped for. The boys come to learn an important lesson in the comprehension of God's bigger plan.

    The Cell-a-bration - Cytology

    Grandpa Newton's attention to detail once again saves the day when Trisha and Tim come up all wet from their pond animal projects. As Grandpa leads the kids through the use of an old microscope, he is quick to point out that there is much more to God's creation than meets the eye.

    The DNA Decoders - Genetics

    As Trisha finds out she needs eyeglasses, Grandpa Newton shares about genetics, heredity and DNA. When she questions him about how these scientific truths play out in real life, he sets about proving that some things are just better left in God's hands.

    The Pollution Solution - Ecology

    A hefty water bill and a summer-long drought begin a quest for change. A family landfill contest and a ride in Grandpa Newton's "Spaceship" provide the catalyst for Tim and Trisha to begin to see how important it is to take care of the planet God has given us.

    Word Building 101 - Days of Creation

    As Megan and Trisha think about the $100 prize for the best science project, they get assigned to work with Wendell, the class clown. And when he makes it especially difficult for them to work, the girls must find the true meaning and purpose of God's love.

    The Germinators - The Immune System

    Through a bout with a nasty cold, Trisha (with the help of her imaginative little brother Tim) learns about her immune system. Her grandparents also come to the rescue as she struggles with boredom and comes to understand the miracle of God's design in our world.

    The Name Game - Animal Classification

    Trisha and Megan team up with little Tim and his friend Max in this operation: clean out the garage. When arguments start over how the job should be done, as piles grow larger on the front lawn, the Newton's come home with a surprise that helps everyone better understand the perfect design of the Master Planner.

    As the World Spins - The Solar System

    With her interest piqued when an Astronaut visits her class, Trisha begins questioning and understanding her own place in our vast universe. Grandpa Newton helps her on her way as she discovers more science history—and little Tim joins Trisha on one more unexpected adventure.