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Leo Inventor Extraordinaire

Leo Inventor Extraordinaire
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    ISBN: 9780310770008
    Author: Luke Cunningham
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: ZonderKidz
    Ages: 8 to 12
    Size: 5¼ X 7¼
    Total Pages: 418
    Accelerated Reader: No
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    In this middle-school adventure mystery perfect for puzzle solvers, a young orphan named Leo discovers clues to his past when he finds a series of tunnels below his school. But to unlock the answers, he’ll need every skill and invention he has—even if his inventions don’t always work.

    A “lifer” at the secluded Academy of Florence, Leo has never met his parents ... or anyone in his family for that matter. His current “family” is his mechanical monkey and robot lion, who along with his charming best friend and fellow lifer, Savvy, only get him into trouble. But after Leo’s latest experiment goes catastrophically wrong, he finds a mysterious clue that opens an underground maze—one that seems to have been created for him to solve.

    Leo hopes the tunnels will help him discover the identities of his parents and the reason he’s an orphan in the first place. Instead, he finds that his past and possibly even his future is somehow linked to the innovative Wynn Toys company, whose genius president mysteriously disappeared years before.

    Leo must use his creativity and scientific know-how to revive the toy company, oust its dastardly leader, and discover the fate of his real family.

    LEO, Inventor Extraordinaire:

    • Is perfect for kids 8 to 12 who enjoy action, adventure, humor, and mystery
    • Is like The DaVinci Code for kids, with robots, wacky inventions, and puzzles to solve
    • Contains almost 60 pieces of original black and white artwork
    • Encourages imagination and the development of STEAM skills