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I Am Bella, Star of the Show - A Dog's Day CD #4

I Am Bella, Star of the Show - A Dog's Day CD #4
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    ISBN: 9781640914483
    Author: Catherine Stier
    Format: CD
    Publisher: Oasis Audio
    Series: A Dog's Day
    Ages: 7 to 10
    Size: 6½ X 5½
    Running Time (Minutes): 1 hour
    Accelerated Reader: No
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    Spend a day in the life of a star! Bella the Jack Russell terrier was born for the stage―she never misses her mark, and her bark is always on cue. But her dog brother, Chewy the German shepherd, always gets the big roles. Will Bella ever get her time in the spotlight? Told from the dog’s perspective, this story also includes back matter about the breed and role of the working dog.