Cooper Kids - Set of 8

Cooper Kids - Set of 8
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    Author: Frank Peretti
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Tommy Nelson
    Series: Cooper Kids Adventure Series
    Ages: 10 to 14
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    Best-selling Christian author Frank Peretti first wrote the Cooper Kids series in the early 1980s. Because of their strong faith message and extreme adventure they are as popular today as when they were first written. Join teenagers Jay and Lila Cooper as they travel with their archaeologist father. Armed with the knowledge that God is more powerful than any legend or tribal god, Jay and Lila's daring adventures will have you on the edge of your seat.

    Titles include:

    The Door in the Dragon's Throat

    As they make their way through the dark and mysterious cavern, they can't help thinking about the other exploration parties that tried to open the Door. All fled in panic or died terrible deaths! What really lies behind the Door? Incredible riches from a lost kingdom, or some ancient evil? They must find the key and discover themselves the truth about the Nepurian legends.

    Escape From the Island of Aquarius

    When Jay and Lila Cooper travel with their archaeologist father to an exotic South Sea island, they find some mighty strange things going on! Could the arrogant, tyrannical leader of the island colony be the missing person they've been sent to find? If so, why is he acting so strange? As the Coopers attempt to solve the mystery, they encounter deadly perils—vicious poisonous snakes, fierce biting insects, bone-crunching earthquakes. The very foundations of the island seem to be jarring loose.

    The Tombs of Anak

    When Jay and Lila Cooper enter the cave-tombs of Anak with their archaeologist father, they hope to find a co-worker who has unaccountably disappeared. Instead, they stumble onto a frightening religion and new mysteries that soon put them all in incredible danger. Who or what is Ha-Raphah? How does he hold the local villagers in such overwhelming fear? Knowing they can't avoid confronting this villain—whatever he is—the Coopers desperately search for answers. As they begin to unravel the mystery, Jay, Lila, and their father face even more perilous adventures.

    Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea

    Lila insisted on leaving her father's teaching expedition to go back to the States and stay with her aunt. If she had only known that the Air Force flight would be hijacked! Now she is a prisoner in a locked, top-secret weapons pod with no way of escape—trapped at the bottom of the sea. Meanwhile, her dad, Dr. Jake Cooper, her brother Jay, and daring adventurer-journalist Meaghan Flaherty are trying to pick up her trail. Pursued by angry terrorists and with a cannibal tribe ahead of them, they island-hop in a remote corner of the Pacific, hoping against hope to find the plane.

    The Secret of the Desert Stone

    Biblical archeologist Dr. Jacob Cooper arrives in Togwana with his children Jay and Lila and one goal—to discover the secret behind the two-mile-high Stone that has mysteriously appeared overnight. Who could have excavated, carved, and transported the colossal Stone? The Coopers' uneasiness soon turns into dread as they are watched and threatened by the country's new government and brutal dictator Id Nkromo.

    The Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey

    Lila and Jay Cooper have joined their dad on a mission to the jungles of Central America, where a group of American treasure hunters have already become the victims of the deadly curse of Toco-Rey. Before Dr. Cooper can solve the mystery, his children are kidnapped and his integrity is put to the test. What price will he pay to get his children back? Is the treasure in the burial tomb of Kachi-Tochetin really worth more than gold?

    The Legend of Annie Murphy

    In 1885, the Murphy mine struck gold. According to legend, Annie Murphy killed her husband out of greed. Just before she was to be hanged for the murder, she escaped. Now, a hundred years later, there has been a sighting of Annie Murphy's "ghost." The Coopers unwittingly become involved in a mystery that finds them caught between the past and the present.

    Mayday at Two Thousand Five Hundred

    Fourteen-year-old Jay Cooper is enjoying the view from his Uncle Rex's Cessna when a low-flying 757 speeds past them. Caught in its wind turbulence, their small plane is shaken violently, knocking Rex unconscious and leaving Jay blind from a head injury. With fuel running out fast, Jay drifting in and out of consciousness, and the plane heading straight for a mountain range, this high-flying adventure shows the importance of faith as Jay faces numerous unseen dangers.