Great Adventure Series - The Boxcar Children - Set of 5 Unabridged Audio CDs

Great Adventure Series - The Boxcar Children - Set of 5 Unabridged Audio CDs
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    Author: Gertrude Chandler Warner
    Format: Unabridged CDs
    Publisher: Oasis Audio
    Series: The Boxcar Children Great Adventure
    Ages: 8 to 14
    Size: 6¼ X 5¼
    Running Time (Minutes): Approx. 4 hours
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    Join Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden on a secret mission that takes them around the world!

    Titles include:

    Journey on a Runaway Train

    Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny didn't think the old trunk in their house held anything interesting. But an unusual statue they find inside leads them to the Reddumus Society, a secret guild dedicated to returning lost treasures to where they belong.

    Now the Aldens must help their new friends by traveling across the country with the statue and six mysterious boxes! Can the Boxcar Children keep these seven treasures out of the wrong hands?

    The Clue in the Papyrus Scroll

    When Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny boarded a train to help the Reddimus's Society return a stolen treasure, they didn't plan on traveling around the world. But after a close call with the society's archrivals—the Argents—it's now up to the Boxcar Children to return the remaining six artifacts to their rightful homes.

    As the children travel through Egypt, Kenya, England, and Italy, can they stay one step ahead of those trying to sabotage their plans?

    The Detour of the Elephants

    Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny chart a course for China to return the Reddimus Society's fourth artifact! Along the way, they meet old friends and make new ones, but a thief threatens to ruin their trip. Then, after an unexpected stop in Thailand, they meet a suspicious man claiming to work for the Reddimus Society.

    The Aldens wonder if someone close to them is working for the other side. Who can the Boxcar Children trust to help them?


    The Shackleton Sabotage

    The Aldens travel to Australia and Antarctica. But someone they count on is working for their rivals, the Argents! Can the children keep the artifacts out of the wrong hands?

    The Khipu and the Final Key

    The final leg of the Aldens’ journey brings them to South America and to the Salt Flats in northern Argentina. But when they hit a dead end, they realize someone has tricked them in order to delay their plans! Returning to Buenos Aires, the Aldens connect with the Silvertons and are able to get back on track. But it is clear their rivals are closer than ever. The Aldens’ final artifact is their most delicate yet―a rare orange orchid they must return to Machu Picchu in Peru. With the stakes higher than ever, the Aldens make a shocking discovery about the Silvertons and the Argents. Will the Boxcar Children be able to use what they’ve learned to return the final Reddimus artifact intact?