Adventures in Odyssey
CD Album #72

Platinum Collection - Adventures in Odyssey on 12 CDs

Platinum Collection - Adventures in Odyssey on 12 CDs
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    ISBN: 9781589973831
    Format: CD
    Publisher: Tyndale
    Series: Adventures in Odyssey CD
    Ages: 8 and up
    Size: 6 X 5
    Running Time (Minutes): 900
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    Features 36 episodes of Producer’s Picks—that’s over 15 hours of entertainment—on 12 CDs.

    Adventures in Odyssey presents exciting entertainment that brings moral and biblical principles to life. Set in the small town of Odyssey, the stories range from comedy to suspense, from romance to mystery. The show’s memorable, fun characters and situations are designed to ignite the imaginations of kids (ages 6 and up) while captivating the attention of the entire family.

    For 20 years, Adventures in Odyssey has been written and produced by award-winning professionals. Each half-hour audio drama utilizes original music and film-quality sound design. Recorded in Los Angles, the voice talent on Adventures in Odyssey has been featured in such films as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., The Land Before Time, and Charlotte’s Web.

    Stories included:

    Disc 1: Family Matters
    1. The Meaning of Sacrifice
    2. Treasures of the Heart
    3. Sunday Morning Scramble

    Disc 7: Inno-ventions
    19. The Shepherd and the Giant
    20. The Mortal Coil, Part 1
    21. The Mortal Coil, Part 2

    Disc 2: Imagine That!
    4. Someone to Watch Over Me
    5. Isaac the Chivalrous
    6. Our Father

    Disc 8: What A Character!
    22. Best Intentions
    23. Family Values
    24. Welcoming Wooton
    Disc 3: Lessons of the Heart
    7. Greater Love
    8. Clara
    9. A Lesson from Mike
    Disc 9: Straight From Scripture
    25. Elijah, Part 1
    26. Elijah, Part 2
    27. Hidden in My Heart
    Disc 4: Once Upon a Time...
    10. The Tangled Web
    11 .The Boy Who Didn't Go to Church
    12. Called On in Class
    Disc 10: Making the Past Present
    28. The Ill-Gotten Deed
    29. By Dawn's Early Light
    30. It is Well
    Disc 5: Light, Camera, Action!
    13. Over the Airwaves
    14. On Solid Ground
    15. B-TV: Compassion
    Disc 11: (Almost)Broadway Musicals
    31. The Great Wishy Woz, Part 1
    32. The Great Wishy Woz, Part 2
    33. Odyssey Sings!
    Disc 6: Cliffhangers
    16 .Train Ride
    17. Real Time
    18. It Happened at Four Corners
    Disc 12: Life Decisions
    34. Connie, Part 1
    35. Connie, Part 2
    36. The Time Has Come