No Way Out - Adventures in Odyssey CD #42

No Way Out - Adventures in Odyssey CD #42
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    ISBN: 9781589972292
    Format: CD
    Publisher: Tyndale
    Series: Adventures in Odyssey CD
    Ages: 8 and up
    Accelerated Reader: No
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    Whit finds himself trapped in a room with no doors and no windows. How will he break free? Meanwhile, Trent and Jimmy all find themselves in situations in which they feel like there is no escape. Is there a way out of their predicaments? This exciting Adventures in Odyssey collection answers questions about fear, sacrifice and loyalty.

    Volume 42 includes these entertaining episodes:

    • Living in the Gray, Parts 1 & 2
    • Stubborn Streaks
    • Called on in Class
    • The Girl in the Sink
    • Bernard and Saul
    • Eggshells
    • Nothing But the Half Truth
    • Split Ends
    • Something's Got to Change
    • No Way Out
    • No Way In