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Why Do Good Bears Have Bad Days? - Berenstain Bears

Why Do Good Bears Have Bad Days? - Berenstain Bears
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    Author: Mike Berenstain
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Zondervan
    Series: The Berenstain Bears
    Ages: 4 to 8
    Size: 8 X 8
    Total Pages: 32
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    It’s not fair! Even Brother and Sister Bear have bad days. This excellent read aloud is a great conversation starter about fairness as it helps even the youngest children understand that God has a plan for everything—told in the sweet and trusted way the beloved Berenstain Bears family of books is known for.

    In The Berenstain Bears Why Do Good Bears Have Bad Days, Sister and Brother Bear decide to go on a bike ride and fishing trip in the countryside. After a hopeful start, things go very wrong. Brother falls into the pond, Sister’s fishing rod breaks, and they get caught in the rain on the way home. Why did this bad stuff happen to them?

    Featuring the precious artwork that has made The Berenstain Bears a treasured childhood favorite for nearly six decades, Mama and Papa share with the cubs that good is mixed with the bad and sometimes the good is hard to see. Soon the Bear family concludes that God has a plan for everything and faith in his plan allows us to trust that good will come in the end.