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Your Story Hour Set of 11 Albums on CD

Your Story Hour Set of 11 Albums on CD
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    Format: CD
    Publisher: Your Story Hour
    Series: Your Story Hour
    Ages: 3 to 93
    Size: 7 X 7
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    Exciting! Educational! Entertaining!

    For generations, Your Story Hour productions has represented the ultimate in audio dramatizations. These professionally written, acted, and produced dramatized stories, complete with sound effects and music, make the Bible, history, and character-building lessons come to life for kids of all ages.

    This set includes the following CD Albums:

    Bible "Comes Alive" Volume 1
    Bible "Comes Alive" Volume 2
    Bible "Comes Alive" Volume 3
    Bible "Comes Alive" Volume 4
    Bible "Comes Alive" Volume 5
    Heritage of Our Country Volume 6
    Patterns of Destiny Volume 7
    Adventures in Life Volume 8
    Adventures in Life Volume 9
    Adventures in Life Volume 10
    Adventures in Life Volume 11