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Your Story Hour Album #3 - Bible Comes Alive Series CD

Your Story Hour Album #3 - Bible Comes Alive Series CD
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    ISBN: 9781600790256
    Format: CD
    Publisher: Your Story Hour
    Series: Your Story Hour
    Ages: 3 to 93
    Size: 7 X 7
    Running Time (Minutes): 720
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    Exciting! Educational! Entertaining!

    For generations, Your Story Hour productions has represented the ultimate in Bible dramatizations. These professionally written, acted, and produced dramatized stories, complete with sound effects and music, make the Bible come to life for kids of all ages.

    Your Story Hour is pleased to present this collection of Old Testament stories that cover Saul and David all the way through the story of Queen Esther. The men and women of Bible times become real, flesh-and-blood people who laugh, cry, struggle, and succeed through this dramatized collection. Designed for use by families of all Christian faiths, these recordings are non-doctrinal and inter-faith in nature. Help children develop good character traits by opening their minds to the works of the greatest Book ever written through these exciting and inspirational Bible stories!

    In this CD Album:

    CD No.
    Story 1
    Story 2
    1 Midnight on the Hill of Hachilah - Loyalty to Saul/ David Seeks a Home - David goes to Philistia The Battle of Gilboa - Witch of Endor-Saul's death
    2 Surprise Attack - David seeks revenge for Ziklag The Coronation - David made King
    3 A Tunnel to Success - David captures Jerusalem The King and the Ark/The Crippled Prince - Mephibosheth
    4 A Prophecy Fulfilled - David avenges national insult David’s Great Sin and His Repentance - David and Bathsheba
    5 Absalom, the Rebellious Prince Part 1 - Conspiracy against David Absalom, the Rebellious Prince Part 2 - Defeat and death of Absalom
    6 A Victory Turned to Mourning - David mourns the death of Absalom/ The Hermit and the King - Parable of life The Fourth Son of David - Adonijah tries to usurp the throne
    7 The Last Days of David - Death of David/ The Three Transgressors - Adonijah, Joab, and Shimei The Wise King - Solomon
    8 The Kingdom Divided - Solomon's kingdom divided And Then it Rained - Ahab and Elijah
    9 The Flying Chariot - Elijah taken to heaven The Woman of Shunem - Elisha brings child to life
    10 The Captive Maid - Naaman healed of leprosy The Invisible Army - Elisha captures the Syrian army
    11 The Mystery of the Disappearing Army - Syrian army besieges Samaria The Mystery of the Backward Moving Sun - Isaiah and King Hezekiah
    12 The New Queen - Esther The Forgotten Reward - Haman plots Mordecai's death