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Young Abe Lincoln - Your Story Hour CD

Young Abe Lincoln - Your Story Hour CD
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    ISBN: 9781600790461
    Format: CDs
    Publisher: Your Story Hour
    Ages: 3 to 93
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    Travel with us to the days before Abraham Lincoln's historic presidency. Hear the fascinating story of a young man raised in a pioneer environment of hardship, tragedy, and perseverance. Almost killed by a horse's hoof to the head as a child, he learned to clear land with an axe and work the demanding jobs associated with frontier river travel. Essentially self-educated, books were his constant companions. He was raw-boned and gangly while being respected for his empathy and insight. Lincoln's life proves that no matter where a person grows up, whether a sophisticated city or a pioneer village—the true measure of a person is what is in their heart.

    In this set:

    • Log Cabin Boy: Abraham Lincoln's early childhood, up to the time of his mother's death.
    • Abraham Grows Up: Sarah Bush Johnston becomes Abraham's beloved stepmother.
    • New Salem Days: Abraham's young manhood in New Salem.
    • Mr. Lincoln Comes to Springfield: Lincoln's early days in Springfield, IL as a lawyer, his courtship and marriage.
    • Husband, Father, and Politician: Lincoln becomes a political force, he debates with Stephen Douglas, he is elected as president.