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Wonders of Creation Books Set of 9

Wonders of Creation Books Set of 9
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    Shipping Weight: 8.16
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Master Books
    Series: Wonders of Creation Books
    Ages: 10 to 16
    Size: 9 X 11¼
    Total Pages: 96
    For Grades: 4 to 9
    Accelerated Reader: No
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    These books are a wonderful supplement to any homeschool curriculum, and they contain a wide range of scripture references where God speaks about His world. These books can be used as reference resources, and they are also just an enjoyable reading experience. All ages from a middleschool level and up will enjoy this very informative series.

    Titles include:

    The New Astronomy Book
    The New Weather Book
    The Geology Book
    The Ocean Book
    The Fossil Book
    The Cave Book
    The Archaeology Book
    The Ecology Book
    The Mineral Book