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Wild Side - Set of 5

Wild Side - Set of 5
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    ISBN: 9781477755143
    Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere
    Format: Reinforced Hardcover
    Publisher: Windmill Books
    Series: The Wild Side
    Ages: 5 to 8
    Size: 8¼ x 10¼
    Total Pages: 24 pages per book
    For Grades: K to 2
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    — Inside The Wild Life of Sharks

    Simply seeing animals in the zoo can make it easy to forget how unpredictable and impressive they really are. This series will guide animal lovers through a number of diverse climates to reveal the unrestrained behaviors of bears, frogs, lizards, sharks, and more. Enthralling information about social behaviors, hunting patterns, and biology are coupled with colorful illustrations that students will go wild for.

    • Age-appropriate content and high-interest subject matter that captivates readers' attention
    • Textual and visual information strengthen and supplement each other
    • Carefully selected informative text inspires independent reading
    • Brimming with fun activities, jokes, and more

    Each book includes:

    • Full-color Photographs
    • Detailed Table of Contents
    • Web Sites
    • Glossary
    • Index

    Titles include:

    The Wild Life of Bears - This fun, fact-filled book is sure to be a hit with young adventurers everywhere. Readers learn all about different species of bears, including polar bears, panda bears, and spectacled bears. Vivid photographs and helpful fact boxes support the text as readers learn about bear anatomy, behavior, habitat, and diet. Puzzles, activities, jokes, and a retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears will keep readers' attention and spark their interest to learn even more.

    The Wild Life of Frogs - Readers will leap into this informative, colorful book about frogs. Fun, accessible text introduces readers to a variety of frog species, including the horned frog and deadly poison dart frog! Accompanied by stunning photographs, this book explores frog habitats and showcases interesting facts about their anatomy, behavior, life cycles, and the sounds they make. Jokes, puzzles, activities, and a retelling of The Frog Prince by the Brothers Grimm are sure to keep readers interested.

    The Wild Life of Lizards - Readers will delight in this colorful book about lizards. Bright visuals are paired with engaging text to grab readers' attention and spark their interest as they gain an understanding of lizard species, anatomy, diet, and behavior. Readers will learn about the freaky and fun features of the Komodo dragon, frilled lizard, chameleon, and many more. Fact-filled text is supplemented by jokes, puzzles, activities, and a fictional story for a robust learning experience.

    The Wild Life of Owls - This book is filled with fun facts and activities that teach readers all about owls. Readers will learn about owl diet, habitat, and anatomy. Color photographs introduce readers to different owl species, while engaging text helps them gain an understanding of the similarities and differences between them. Jokes, activities, puzzles, and the poem The Owl and the Pussy-cat by Edward Lear supplement the text to hold the reader's interest and excite them to learn even more.

    The Wild Life of Sharks - Readers take a dive into the ocean to learn all about sharks. This book pairs exciting text with colorful visuals to teach readers about different species of shark, including the mako shark, hammerhead shark, bull shark, and many more. Important information about shark anatomy, diet, habitats, and behavior are presented through age-appropriate language and supportive fact boxes. Activities, puzzles, jokes, and a fictional shark tale are included, helping readers navigate their way through this underwater adventure.