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What's Happening to My Teen?

What's Happening to My Teen?
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    ISBN: 9780736924443
    Author: Mark Gregston
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Harvest House
    Size: 5½ X 8½
    Total Pages: 223
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    More often than not, teens who behave inappropriately are not rebelling; they’re just responding the best way they know how to life’s challenges. In What’s Happening to My Teen?, youth specialist Mark Gregston contends that all too often parents spend so much time correcting their teen that they forget the teen’s greater need for connection. If parents spent more time trying to understand rather than trying to change behavior, they would see a transformation in their teen’s attitudes and actions.

    What’s Happening to My Teen? offers wise counsel that will help parents of teens succeed at one of the most difficult tasks they’ve ever encountered. As they draw from Gregston’s expertise, parents will become better equipped to

    • respond constructively to the inevitable conflict
    • recognize when their teen’s behavior is rebellion and when it’s not
    • avoid words and actions that provoke their teen
    • create a safe environment that promotes truth and open communication

    For parents concerned about their teen’s behavior, this book provides the scriptural insight and the skills they need to see their family thrive during those challenging teen years.