What Do You Think? Set of 3

What Do You Think?  Set of 3
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    ISBN: 9781432916732
    Format: Reinforced Hardcover
    Publisher: Heinemann
    Series: What Do You Think?
    Ages: 12 and Up
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    Total Pages: 56
    For Grades: 6 and Up
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    Features of this series:

    • Techniques for thinking critically and creatively
    • A wealth of facts and opinions
    • Ideas for organizing debates and discussions

    Inside- Has the Civil Rights Movement Been Successful?

    Titles include:

    Can Earth Support Our Growing Population?

    Is humanity running out of space? Do you know your consumption factor? What would you do about it? Many people believe that Earth has too large of a population. They think that unless there are fewer hungry mouths consuming resources, Earth will not be able to cope. But many people do not agree with these options. They say that the population of Earth has always been growing. The solution is just a matter of improving technology and distributing resources better. People have been arguing about the world's growing population for over two centuries. It is a never-ending discussion. Are you doing anything to help Earth manage the stresses and strains of its human load? Or isn't it your problem? This book does not tell you what to think. But it will help you join in the debate.

    Has the Civil Rights Movement Been Successful?

    Is positive discrimination a good thing? What was the March on Washington? Do you stereotype? People look back at the campaigns of the Civil Rights Movement and are amazed at its accomplishments. In terms of legal challenges to discrimination, involvement in the electoral process, and educational advancements, the evidence seems clear. But others do not agree with this opinion. They say that discrimination is still a problem at all levels of American society. It's easy just to look at the successes. People have been trying to find solutions to the problems of racial discrimination in American society since the Civil War. Obviously the Civil Rights Movement was a very important step forward, but was it enough?

    Should Substance-Using Athletes Be Banned for Life

    Can the use of performance-enhancing drugs be justified? Can drug testing in sports catch the cheaters? What would you do about it? The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports has gone on for years. Until the 1960's few seemed to care. Now the testing is complex and the punishments harsh. But sports are big business. Money and celebrity status may depend on a person winning or breaking a record. A lot is at stake. Some people argue that it is impossible to completely stamp out drugs in sports. Others argue that there is no point in competitive sports if some athletes enhance their performances. They think these athletes should be banned from competing for life. People have argued about this problem for 50 years. Have you ever thought about the use of drugs in sports?