The Well Path: Lose 20 Pounds, Reverse the Aging Process, Change Your Life

The Well Path: Lose 20 Pounds, Reverse the Aging Process, Change Your Life
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    Author: Jame Heskett, M.D.
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Harper Wave
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    Every day, Dr. Jamé Heskett sees women who are struggling—and failing—to lose weight. They arrive in her office frustrated, demoralized, and exhausted, having "tried everything." They want to know: Why haven't all of their conscientious eating and exercising made a difference?

    The truth, Dr. Heskett tells them, is that dieting and working out like crazy are precisely why they aren't losing weight! Their bodies are perfectly designed to keep them healthy and fit, but the body can't do its job when its thrown out of whack by stress, dieting, and over exercising. By restricting food and putting inconsistent physical stress on the body, they are starving their cells, creating hormonal imbalances, slowing their metabolism to a crawl, and actually accelerating the aging process.

    In The Well Path, Dr. Heskett shares her clinically proven, holistic plan that has already changed the lives of thousands of women, helping them to lose weight and look and feel younger. Her sixty-day C.H.A.N.G.E. regimen is a series of small steps that may be easily integrated into daily life.

    The Well Path's road map to weight loss consists of six key areas:

    C is for Circulation: Improving blood flow releases stored fat and flushes out toxins.

    H is for Hunger: Learning the difference between real and false hunger prevents overeating.

    A is for Activity: Non-exercise activity burns hundreds of extra calories.

    N is for Nutrition: A diverse array of nutrients improves gut absorption and balances hormones.

    G is for General Health: Sleep, sex, stress, and social interaction are integral to overall health.

    E is for Exercise: Dr. Heskett shares her secrets for maximum fat burn.

    Dr. Heskett practices what she preaches: After her third pregnancy she used her plan to lose sixty pounds. Warm and encouraging, she offers advice from the point of view of someone who understands the struggle to get healthy, and is living proof that with consistent effort, anyone can achieve vibrant health.