Vegetarian to Vegan: Give Up Dairy. Give Up Eggs. For Good.

Vegetarian to Vegan: Give Up Dairy. Give Up Eggs. For Good.
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    ISBN: 9780976441427
    Author: Sarah Taylor
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: The Vegan Next Door
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    It's time to take the final step...

    The vegan diet has taken off, and people from all walks of life are committing to this new way of eating. But as the vegan diet gains popularity, many vegetarians—who have already taken meat, poultry and fish out of their diets—are wondering why they should go all the way vegan and give up dairy and eggs too? Vegetarians across the world are asking the same questions:

    • Cows aren't slaughtered to provide milk, so what's inhumane about eating dairy products?
    • Hens aren't slaughtered in order to provide eggs, so what's wrong with eating eggs—especially organic, cage-free, free-range, cruelty-free eggs?
    • As a vegetarian, aren't I already protected from heart attacks, cancer and other diseases—especially if I eat fat-free dairy and yolk-free egg products?
    • Is it really true that raising cattle is terrible for our environment? I just don't see how a little creamer in my coffee is contributing to global warming.
    • How could I ever be vegan with my travel schedule/client dinners/social life/etc? It would be too hard.
    • Even if I wanted to go vegan, how could I ever give up cheese?!

    If these questions have been going through your mind too, Vegetarian to Vegan was written just for you. Sarah Taylor delves deeply into the issues specific to dairy and eggs that you need to know to help you make an informed decision about whether to adopt a vegan diet. If you've ever wondered why you should go vegan—and have doubts you could actually do it—Vegetarian to Vegan is your answer. Vegetarian to Vegan will give you the motivation you need to make the change, the tools you need to succeed, and recipes to prove how delicious life can be... without dairy and eggs!