Adventures in Odyssey
CD Album #72

Treasure Attic Set of 4 DVDs

Treasure Attic Set of 4 DVDs
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    ISBN: 7640108865373
    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Aurora Production
    Series: Treasure Attic
    Ages: 2 to 8
    Size: 5½ X 7½
    Running Time (Minutes): Approx. 50 min each
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    In three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

    A fun-filled learning adventure full of lively songs, fun activities, and delightful puppets that entertain as they teach.


    Fun on the Farm: At the Story Chest, join Mrs. Farmer Friendly for a fascinating story-song. Step through the amazing Dress-up Closet and learn lots of fun facts about the farm. Join Peepers and Arfie in imitating other animals in the action song, "What Kind of Animal?" With a lively calypso tune, learn to appreciate all the hard work that goes into everyday things, like "That Banana There." Your child will thrill to the delightful antics of the lovable Peepers, funny Arfie and studious Bunny Bigword as they help Uncle Jim host this action-packed episode.

    A Smiling Face: In the song "Brushy, Brushy," a ride on a toothbrush turns dental hygiene into a fun activity. Arfie loses his kite, but discovers there is always a bright side to life's disappointments. Bunny Bigword has an unexpected encounter with a freshly painted chair—causing Peepers to learn how important it is to "Do It Now" and see a job through. For a positive boost and an outlook on the bright side of life, put on "A Smiling Face" for your child.

    Happy and Healthy: Oh my! Uncle Jim's lovable sheepdog, Peepers, is sick in bed with the flu. Kids will quickly relate to Peepers in this entertaining episode of Treasure Attic, and learn—along with him—how to cope with sickness and get well as soon as possible. When Bunny Bigword brings Peepers a health drink, Mr. Protein, Mr. Carbohydrate, Miss Vitamin, and Miss Mineral all spring to life in the unforgettable "Nutrition Song" that is sure to encourage good eating habits

    Let's Have Fun: Uncle Jim starts with a happy musical production all about the wonders of rain. The Treasure Attic Story Chest opens to a dramatized adventure in song about a wandering lamb named Snowflake. When Peepers comes down with a cold, the catchy song "Achoo!" helps illustrate some important health habits. Bunny Bigword makes an appearance to help children understand the meaning of the word "consideration." And Uncle Jim makes drawing so easy and appealing that every child will want to give it a try.


    Our Beautiful World: Uncle Jim rescues a stranded baby bird. The colorful characters of the Froggie Band introduce an array of "Animal Babies." The Dress-up Closet transports our trio to the moon, where they board a spaceship to "Come See the Universe!" Returning to earth, Uncle Jim and friends take part in neighborhood clean-up projects to help make this "A Beautiful World."

    Around the World: Uncle Jim teaches us to swing, shuffle, and rock to some of the world's best-known steps in "I Like to Dance." Peepers dreams of a thrilling hot-air balloon journey to the seven continents "All Around the World," where we learn interesting facts and also discover that though cultures may differ, a smile and kindness are welcome everywhere. The colorful and comical Froggie Band performs the "International I Love You" song, which teaches a simple phrase in several different languages.

    We Can Get Along: When Beauty, a neighbor's cat, gets caught in a tree, host Uncle Jim and Peepers launch a rescue operation. However, Peepers starts imagining that Uncle Jim likes Beauty more than him. All is made right after a Story Chest song adventure into "The Garden," where everyone discovers how we're all unique and special. When Beauty can't hide her amazement over Bunny Bigword's physical characteristics, Uncle Jim tells us how to overlook such differences and not embarrass others. The song "We Can Get Along" brings out wonderful lessons on friendship.

    Happy Holiday: It's "Off to the Lake" for an adventurous camping trip with the Treasure Attic team! While stopping at a fishing village, Peepers and Bunny Bigword learn all about the different types of ships. Then, Uncle Jim tries unsuccessfully to set up a tent on his own. Peepers and Bunny come to the rescue, and all three have a good laugh as they realize "We All Make Mistakes." At the end of a very active day, Uncle Jim, Peepers, and Bunny settle down around the campfire to enjoy the beautiful song "My Name is Nighttime."