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Trailblazers Biographies Audio CDs #1-10

Trailblazers Biographies Audio CDs #1-10
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    These are the stories of men and women that children should know about; men and women who are worthy of admiration and emulation.

    Titles include:

    Amy Carmichael: Rescuer by Night

    Jeya was only four years old and was terrified as she tried to peer about the dark and gloomy temple. Between the pillars was a huge stone body. She shivered when she saw its face. This, she knew, was Kali, the goddess of death and destruction.

    Why was Jeya there? Who would leave a little girl in the dark like that? Certainly not the God of love! For God sent a woman to rescue these children from destruction—Amy Carmichael. Once she too had been a little girl with long dark hair and deep brown eyes.

    Once she had even begged God to make them blue... but he hadn't. So as Amy leaned over to pick up little Jeya and rescue her from a life of temple-slavery she was very glad that God hadn't listened to her prayers.

    Corrie ten Boom: The Watchmaker's Daughter

    If you like stories of adventure, courage and faith—here's one you won't forget. Corrie loved to help others, especially handicapped children. But her happy lifestyle in Holland is shattered when she is sent to a Nazi concentration camp, where she suffered hardship and punishment but experienced God's love and help in unbearable situations.

    Gladys Aylward: No Mountain Too High

    Gladys' life had plenty of adventure, loads of mystery and almost too much excitement! There aren't many missionaries who have had a film made about them! There aren't many missionaries who have been spies! There aren't many missionaries who rescued 100 children from a battle zone. But Gladys did all three!

    She travelled on her own to China because God had told her to go. All she had was two suitcases with a teapot and a saucepan tied to the handles. Gladys almost got captured by Russian soldiers and had to escape in the dead of night with the help of a mystery woman. When Gladys finally arrived in China that was only the beginning of her adventures. There were wars, spying, romance and heartache and a long, long journey to freedom. In the end it didn't matter what problems arose. Gladys knew that God was still God and that there would be no mountain too high to climb. God was with her all the way.

    Hudson Taylor: An Adventure Begins

    Hudson Taylor was prayed for before he was born. His parents wanted their firstborn son to serve God. But as a rebellious teenager Hudson Taylor turned away from God. However, his parents continued to bring him to the Lord in prayer. Find out about how the Father of Modern Missions was brought to faith in Christ and then called by God to bring the gospel to the Chinese.

    Patrick of Ireland: The Boy Who Forgave

    Saint, Slave or Scholar? Patrick of Ireland is known as all three but who is he really? Let K.C. Murdarasi bring to light the real life of this father of the Christian faith. Kidnapped from his home and family as a young boy, you would think forgiveness would have been far from his mind.

    Yet with God's grace, Patrick returned to the land of his captivity where he preached the Good News of Jesus Christ to slaves and kings alike and left a legacy of faith that would last for centuries.

    Augustine: The Truth Seeker

    Although his mother was a faithful Christian, Augustine managed to stray into a sinful life. His life changed when he realized the truth of the Gospel. Augustine became a bishop and a tower of faith in the early church. His life is a glimpse into the days of Roman Africa and a powerful picture of the wisdom and durability of God's Word in a pagan culture.

    Eric Liddell: Finish the Race

    Eric's life brought him to boarding school in England, university in Edinburgh and the fame of Olympic Stardom in Paris. But with that fame came trouble as he struggled to stand up for his Christian faith. Eric's strong belief in keeping the Lord's Day as a day of worship was challenged when his 100 metres race was scheduled for the Sunday. Eric's strength of conviction and his subsequent win in the 400 metres have made him a hero and a role model for many young men and women. But his life was so much more than winning tapes and starters' orders - his whole life was a race for God.

    Jonathan Edwards: America's Genius

    Jonathan Edwards was just an ordinary American boy but he was different too. The country he lived in wasn't the America of today - but a new world full of adventure and opportunity. Battles and Tomahawks were just some of the thrilling adventures that his family lived through.

    His mind was full of questions and he grappled for the answers. 
    Intellectually there were few to beat him. However it wasn't just his amazing intelligence that set him apart from other boys his age - he may have had a thirst for knowledge but he also had a strong desire for the things of God. His genius and abilities teamed up well with his faith and love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

    One day the country that would become the United States of America would look back at this man of brilliance as a founding influence on their land.

    Martin Luther: Reformation Fire

    What made an ordinary monk become a catalyst for the Reformation in Europe in the 1500s? What were the reasons lying behind his nailing of 95 theses against the practice of indulgences to the door of the Schlosskirche in Wittenberg in 1517? Why was Martin Luther's life in danger? How did his apparent kidnapping result in the first ever New Testament translated into the German language? Discover how a fresh understanding of the Scriptures not only transformed his own life but had a huge impact upon Europe.

    Ulrich Zwingli: Shepherd Warrior

    By the end of his brief life Ulrich Zwingli would change the religious landscape of his home and the world. It wasn't until the last few years of his life that he became a reformer. He fought for truth and righteousness with his mind and pen, he fought for lost souls to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and at the age of forty-seven, as an army chaplain, he was killed on the battle-field. The Shepherd Warrior, Ulrich Zwingli, fought the good fight. With his last strength he voiced his victory: "They can kill the body but not the soul!"