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Total Health Turnaround

Total Health Turnaround
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    ISBN: 9781623362003
    Author: Dr. Tricia Pingel
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Rodale
    Size: 6¾ X 9½
    Total Pages: 372
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    The All-Natural Plan to Reverse Adrenal Fatigue, Lose Weight, and Feel Better Fast

    Are you one of the 80 percent of Americans who have adrenal fatigue?
    • Do you often feel stressed or anxious but don't know why?
    • Are you tired during the day but have trouble sleeping at night?
    • Do you have trouble waking up in the morning?
    • Do you suffer from unexplained weight gain, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, or a thyroid condition?
    • Have you visited your physician with any of these concerns, only to be told it's normal or just a part of aging?
    If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may be suffering with an underlying stress-induced syndrome called adrenal fatigue.  And yes, there is hope!

    Naturopathic physician and adrenal fatigue expert Tricia Pingel breaks down the barriers between your symptoms and the root cause.  Using the latest scientific research, Dr. Pingel shows how today's most common health concerns can be linked to stress and its impact on the health of your adrenal glands.

    Featuring a self-diagnostic quiz, an all-natural, comprehensive four-step plan, and 50 delicious recipes, Total Health Turnaround will empower you to take control of both your health and your treatment.