Torch Bearers - Set of 5

Torch Bearers - Set of 5
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    Author: Catherine Mackenzie
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
    Series: Torchbearers
    Ages: 9 to 14
    Size: 4¼ X 6¾
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    These biographies tell the story of those who have sacrificed their everything—even their lives for God. Read and learn about how God wants us to be brave and stand up for His Truth! Discover the inspiring stories of early Christian martyrs as well as more well-known stories about missionary Jim Elliot or Nate Saint and others.

    Titles include:

    The Two Margarets: Danger on the Hill

    Margaret, Agnes, and Thomas must run from the King's soldiers to live a life of danger on the hills. All Margaret wants is to make Jesus Christ the most important person in the church and in her life... but will this conviction cost Margaret her life?

    James Chalmers: The Rainmaker's Friend

    This is the true story of a young Scot who took the good news of the gospel to cannibals and in the end had his life taken from him by the very people he had come to serve.

    Jim Elliot: He Is No Fool

    Jim Elliot had a loving wife, a beautiful little girl, and a reason for real joy. God had called him to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the Auca Indians. The love of Christ not only thrilled him, but gave him peace. Jim would spend the rest of his life bringing Jesus to the lost Aucas... but the rest of Jim's life was only a matter of month. This is the story of Jim's love for a fighting people and of his fight for a loving God.

    Nate Saint: Operation Auca

    On January 8, 1956, Nate and some other missionaries landed at a strip of sand that they had named Palm Beach. This was Nate's final flight for he and the other missionaries on the plane that day were martyred when Auca tribesmen attacked them with spears. However, the work of evangelism continued. Many heard Nate's story and became missionaries. Others heard God's Word and came to accept Christ including several of the Auca men who had thrown their spears on that terrible day.

    Titanic: The Ship of Dreams

    The ship that would never be sunk, a ship of dreams—becomes a ship of nightmares as it is swallowed beneath the freezing Atlantic Ocean. Hit by a massive iceberg the tragedy of the Titanic on 14th April 1912 was an event that hit the newspaper headlines of its day and is still remembered many years later.