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That's Me in History - Set of 4

That's Me in History - Set of 4
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    ISBN: 9781624690440
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    Publisher: Purple Toad Publishing
    Series: That's Me in History
    Ages: 9 to 12
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    Witness what it was like to live in other eras through the first-person eyes of young narrators. They will guide you through their daily lives, from the food they prepared to the jobs they performed, while showing us the politics, art and adventures of the regions and times in which they lived.

    Inside: Ancient Egypt

    Inside: Renaissance Italy

    Titles include:

    Ancient Egypt

    The middle of the fourteenth century BCE was a strange time in ancient Egypt. The pharaoh had changed his name and religion and was inviting the wrath of the gods that had long watched over the land. The powerful priesthood felt threatened, the people feared the worst, and in the middle of everything was Pepi, a ten-year-old boy with a problem—he didn't want to go to school. Let Pepi explain his troubles to you as he takes you around his beloved city. Let him introduce you to his family, his friends, and their way of life, which thousands of years later might seem similar to your own.

    Please note: A timeline on page 44 shows civilization starting at 8,000 BCE.

    Ming Dynasty China

    Liu Chi is ten years old and lives in China. It is the year 1585, and the era of the Ming Dynasty, which was one of the most exciting times to live in China. Liu Chi has to go to school, do chores, and get along with his brothers and sisters just like kids do today. He lives in Peking, which is now called Bejiing. Come along with Liu as he leads you through the narrow streets of the city to see the sights. There is a grand procession headed by Emperor Wanli to watch and a visit to the sweets shop. You will also make a stop in a park to see a puppet show and climb a tree to peer over the wall around the mysterious Forbidden City. Join Liu Chi for a trip back in time.

    Renaissance Italy

    An awakening, a rebirth called the "Renaissance, " changed Europe and the world from the 14th to the 16th century. The movement influenced all parts of society—art, science, architecture, literature, religion, politics, economics, and philosophy. Florence, Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance, thrived in its dynamic climate. Like most of the poor, this movement did not affect Antonia. She still roamed the streets barefoot with other kids begging for bread. However, things changed when she became a servant in the palace of the Medici, the most powerful family in the region. Let's travel back to 15th-century Florence and visit Antonia who is anxious to tell about her life in Renaissance Italy.

    The Spanish Empire: The Inquistion

    Life in Spain was peaceful and simple for Rifka and her family, until Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand made a new decision for the country. Eager to bring the kingdoms closer, the royals felt everyone should share the same religion. Jews and Muslims were forced to convert—or leave. Explore Rifka's world as she, her brother, and her parents, decide to leave their homeland behind and head into the unknown. Along the way, you will meet the cloaked familiars, cruel men determined to get confessions no matter what they have to do, on the orders of the teenage king and queen. Spain, in all its beauty, will never be the same after this, and Rifka's family will bring you along on the journey.