The 18th Century - Sweet Land of Liberty DVD

The 18th Century - Sweet Land of Liberty DVD
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    ISBN: 9788941900009
    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Marshall Publishing
    Series: Sweet Land of Liberty
    Ages: 8 and up
    Size: 5¼ x 7½
    Running Time (Minutes): 40
    For Grades: 2 and up
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    Sweet Land of Liberty - America in the 18th Century, provides a condensed but thorough insight into the most memorable moments of the 18th Century for teachers, students, libraries, homeschoolers and history buffs. Through the use of thoroughly researched narration, vivid images, audio and video clips, and animation the story of the American experience is brought to life in ways no written words can. Viewers may watch the program from beginning to end or as individual segments suitable for use as condensed chronicles of each historical period. Recommended as unit or chapter introductions for middle and high school grade levels.

    1. The City of Cahokia 700 – 1400 5:15 A vast, sophisticated, & complex society in the middle of the North American continent, long before it became the United States.

    2. The Lost Colony of Roanoke 1587 3:02 Settlers from England land in America and establish a colony, but they mysteriously vanish with no explanation.

    3. The Salem Witch Trials 1692 3:35 An early pamphlet on witchcraft in New England leads to panic, unfair trials, and punishment for those accused.

    4. The Boston Tea Party 1774 3:41 England’s constant taxation of colonists forces the Sons of Liberty to toss huge amounts of taxable tea into the Boston Harbor.

    5. The Bill of Rights 1791 11:00 The first ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution guarantee specific rights for all Americans.

    6. The Nation’s Nine Capitals 1790s 7:55 The seat of American government moved from town to town and building to building before finally settling