20th Century - Sweet Land of Liberty DVD

20th Century - Sweet Land of Liberty DVD
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    ISBN: 9788941900016
    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Marshall Publishing
    Series: Sweet Land of Liberty
    Ages: 8 and up
    Size: 5¼ x 7½
    Running Time (Minutes): 75 Minutes
    For Grades: 2 and up
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    Sweet Land of Liberty provides a condensed but thorough insight into the most memorable moments of the 20th Century for teachers, students, libraries, homeschoolers and history buffs. Through the use of thoroughly researched narration, vivid images, audio and video clips, and animation the story of the American experience is brought to life in ways no written words can.

    Viewers may watch the program from beginning to end or as individual segments suitable for use as condensed chronicles of each historical period. Recommended as unit or chapter introductions for middle and high school grade levels.

    TOTAL LENGTH: 70 Minutes

    1. Civil Rights in America 1900s - 1960s Segment length: 11:31 minutes From the KKK, Jim Crow laws, Jackie Robinson, and Plessy vs Ferguson, to Emmitt Till, Rosa Parks, desegregation, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

    2. The Great Depression & Recovery 1930s Segment length: 10:07 minutes America’s economic crisis, the Bonus Army, growth of radio, FDR’s New Deals, and labor laws in the Thirties

    3. The Atomic Solution 1939 - 1945 Segment length: 6:51 minutes The Einstein letter, the Manhattan Project, and Truman’s decision to use the A-Bomb to end World War II

    4. Suburbia & Levittown 1940s - 1950s Segment length: 10:48 minutes The GI Bill, the growth of suburbia, the advent of TV, 3-D movies, UFOs, and American cars in the Fifties

    5. The Space Race 1950s - 1960s Segment length: 5:52 minutes Dr. Robert Goddard, Wernher Von Braun, the US & Russia reach for the Moon, with Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs

    6. The Cold War: Pt. 1 1945 - 1960 Segment length: 10:09 minutes Beginnings of Post-WWII conflicts, including the United Nations, the Iron Curtain, the Korean War, Senator Joseph McCarthy, and civil defense

    7. The Cold War: Pt. 2 1960 - 1991 Segment length: 13:44 minutes The conflicts continue to rage, including the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War, SALT Talks, and the fall of Communism in Russia