Sugar Creek Gang Set of 36

Sugar Creek Gang Set of 36
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    Author: Paul Hutchens
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Moody
    Series: Sugar Creek Gang Series
    Ages: 10 to 14
    Size: 4¼ X 7
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    Missing persons, tricky thieves, quicksand, black bears, and bullies—these books are not short on adventure! First published over 50 years ago, these books have been long cherished for their sound faith-building messages and big adventures.

    Titles include:

    Sugar Creek Gang Books 1 to 6

    The Swamp Robber - The gang find a "disguise" hidden in an old tree. Does it belong to the bank robber hiding in the swamp? A map hidden near the tree proves to be even more exciting than the disguise. The gang will meet the bank robber, help Bill Collins welcome a new baby sister, and save a victim of a black widow spider. The gang will learn the lesson of "sowing" and "reaping."

    The Killer Bear - In the woods the Till boys and the Sugar Creek Gang wrestle over a patch of wild strawberries. This leads to an encounter with an angry black bear. Join the gang as they learn to apply the lesson of forgiving seventy times seven in the face of great danger.

    The Winter Rescue - Someone steals Little Jim's pet baby bear. The search for the missing bear cub takes the gang through the woods to Old Man Paddler's cabin. When winter arrives, the boys return to the cabin and are met with a surprise. Join the gang as they learn discover the power of prayer.

    The Lost Campers - Summer is here, and the gang is going on a camping trip to Minnesota. They discover a train in the middle of a forest, and an honest-to-goodness American Indian with beads and a war bonnet. The gang will experience what it means to be saved, both physically and spiritually.

    The Chicago Adventure - A trip to Chicago has its ups and downs for the gang. An airplane ride over a storm, museum visits, and an elevated train ride are only a few of the adventures the gang faces. All of this leads the gang to realize that the only way to heaven is through Jesus.

    The Secret Hideout - "Poetry" brings his muddy lamb to school, and chaos breaks out. The gang later discovers a mysterious cave with a hidden passage near the cemetery. Join the gang as Poetry's pet lamb provides a helpful explanation of Jesus' parable of the lost sheep.

    Sugar Creek Gang Books 7 to 12

    The Mystery Cave - A late night hunting trip for the gang leads to a surprise discovery. While having a tea party with Old Man Paddler at his cabin, an urgent knock interrupts the party. They soon find themselves knee-deep in a quicksand rescue. Explore with the gang the effects of sin in one's life and the benefits of following Jesus.

    Palm Tree Manhunt - Old Man Paddler sends the gang to a beautiful Caribbean island to find his missing twin brother. A goat and a lottery ticket become the key to restoring Mr. Paddler. Join the gang as they discover the difference between fate and God's control of the events in our lives.

    One Stormy Day - The Sugar Creek Gang's school gets a new teacher—a man. And that spells trouble. When their old teacher shows up to surprise them with a sleigh ride, things start to look up. Until Bill Collins throws a snowball that hits the new school teacher. Learn the importance of self-sacrifice as Little Jim offers to take Bill's punishment, even though he doesn't deserve it.

    The Mystery Thief - Someone knocks Bill Collins into a snowdrift and steals his suitcase while he is on his way to stay the night at Poetry's house. When the boys track the footprints in the snow, they make an amazing discovery. Find out how important it is to love and befriend those who hurt us.

    Teacher Trouble - The Sugar Creek Gang continues to struggle with their new teacher, Mr. Black. They cause some of the trouble themselves when they build a snowman that looks a lot like him and he stumbles across it. Someone tries to frame the gang by putting a board over the chimney at school. Learn important lessons about honesty and respect with the Sugar Creek Gang.

    Screams in the Night - The gang is off to Minnesota where they are thrown directly into a mystery. The newspapers are reporting that a kidnapped girl is still missing even though the ransom has been paid. Will they find the girl and help catch the kidnapper? Learn about becoming fishers of men.

    Sugar Creek Gang Books 13 to 18

    The Indian Cemetery - Could the mysterious man wandering around the cemetery at night with a tackle box have anything to do with the kidnapped Ostberg girl? Discover with the Sugar Creek Gang what the Bible says about death and eternal life.

    The Treasure Hunt - A mysterious note in invisible ink leads the Sugar Creek Gang on a hunt for buried treasure. Is the key in the log house or the icehouse? Will the gang run into an accomplice to the Ostberg kidnapping? Find out with the boys the terrible effects sin has on families when it has a hold on the father.

    Thousand Dollar Fish - An incredible discovery in an icehouse leads to an encounter with a criminal. Will the police come quickly to catch the man the gang trapped? The gang learns about several kinds of fishing, the most important—being fishers of men.

    The Haunted House - An abandoned house on Old Man Paddler's property is said to be haunted. A late night raccoon hunt with dogs from Circus' dad help the boys get to the bottom of the mystery. Reflect with Bill on the meaning of the Bible verse"...absent from the body... at home with the Lord."

    Lost in the Blizzard - The gang has several encounters with a hognose snake. A new member of the gang, Middle Jim, offers amazing insights into snake mystery. When winter arrives, Middle Jim puts the whole gang into jeopardy. Discover the important truth to the great hymn "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God."

    On the Mexican Border - The gang enjoys a mid-winter vacation on the Rio Grande River. Their adventures include fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, meeting a boy evangelist, and chasing a criminal through a grapefruit grove. Will the stowaway in their trunk make it safely across the border? Learn about how precious children of all colors are in God's sight.

    Sugar Creek Books 19 to 24

    The Green Tent Mystery - On a dark summer night the Sugar Creek Gang stumbles across a woman digging a hole in an abandoned cemetery. Investigate with the gang as they get to the bottom of the mysterious holes that keep appearing in the fields. Discover the important role that Bill Collins' little sister Charlotte Ann plays in solving the mystery. In the end, you'll discover with the gang that "all things work together for good to them that love God."

    The Bull Fighter - 10,080 minutes fly fast when Bill's cousin, Wally, and his copper-colored dog, Alexander, come for a visit. Alexander manages to tangle with all kinds of wildlife from skunks and snapping turtles to a giant red bull. A late night visit from some mysterious strangers leads to a priceless gift for Wally. Come along with the Sugar Creek Gang and you'll learn that following Jesus is just as important for city boys as it is for country boys.

    The Timber Wolf - A winter vacation for the Sugar Creek Gang at the Snow Goose Lodge is full of surprises. Old Man Paddler's nephew Barry Boyland introduces his fiance Jeanne, and she ends up in the middle of a blizzard before the story is over. Along the way the gang goes ice fishing, checks traps, encounters a wolf, and chase a bear. This Sugar Creek Gang adventure will deepen your appreciation for nature as well as for the importance of a relationship with Jesus.

    Western Adventure - Hanging the imaginary horse thief Snaterpazooka in the Sugar Creek Hills leads to a real-life shoot-out in this adventure. The gang will encounter an out-of-control campfire, a horse-killing thunderstorm, and a runaway boat. As Bill Collins faces trouble with Tom Till, he remembers the sermon about ruling your spirit and being slow to anger. Learn with Bill the importance of choosing the proper boss.

    The Killer Cat - A savage-tempered wildcat enters Sugar Creek territory and stirs up lots of trouble. Before the adventure ends, the wildcat kills many prized animals. Bill Collins spends part of the time home alone with only God and his Savage .22 rifle to protect him. In the end, an unlikely hero saves Little Jim from certain tragedy. Follow the Sugar Creek Gang as they walk Jesus' narrow trail and try to avoid the "rabbit trails" that tempt them away.

    The Colorado Kidnapping - The gang is heading west to Rockies for the Aspen Music Festival. A scenic chair-lift ride leads to the solution of a missing woman. Witness with the Sugar Creek Gang God's ability to turn tragedy into triumph when people surrender their lives to him.

    Sugar Creek Gang Books 25 to 30

    The Ghost Dog - Bill hears a mysterious dog howling in the middle of the night, and he wonders if a ghost dog is roaming the woods. Later, in those same woods, strange lights in the sky cause the gang to wonder if a UFO has come to visit.

    The White Boat Rescue - Join the Gang as they welcome missionary John Finwick and his wife from Costa Rica who are visiting for a month in the new Sugar Creek missionary cabin. Also, new rifles and fishing tackle boxes lead to some life-or-death adventures for the Gang. Come along as the Sugar Creek Gang learns the importance of swimming upstream with your life, rather than floating downstream like an old, dead fish.

    The Brown Box Mystery - Two leather-jacketed motorcycle gang members ride into town and steer the Sugar Creek Gang into a dangerous adventure. Two mysterious boxes show up and are at the heart of a mystery. Before it's solved, the Gang find themselves held hostage in Old Man Paddler's cabin. Join the Gang as they see the love of a father in action, the kind that will track down a son who has gone astray.

    The Watermelon Mystery - A grocery store robbery occurs. Then someone steals Bill Collin's prize watermelons. There's thievery going on near Sugar Creek! And Bill is sure that the Till boys have something to do with it! They find a map of Sugar Creek territory hidden in floating watermelon and encounter strange happenings in the middle of the night. The Sugar Creek Gang learn to not jump to conclusions, for some things are not as they appear.

    The Trampoline Thief - Someone is stealing muskrats from Circus' traps. When the Gang follows Circus' hunting dog, Old Jay, they discover much more than a raccoon trapped in a tree. This Indian Summer adventure includes Halloween pranks, a wild truck ride through an apple orchard, and some genuine fist fighting. Everything isn't always as it appears to be on the surface as the Gang learns that honesty is more than just the best policy... it's the way God commands us to live.

    The Blue Cow - Bill and Poetry catch the biggest fish ever to swim in Sugar Creek and then are nearly run over by a stampeding blue cow. Shorty Long's fence-crossing cow brings all kinds of adventures to the Gang. Bill and Shorty mix it up several times, but a crisis with Shorty's blue cow brings the two boys together. Experience the power of prayer as Bill and his mother fight to save the life of Shorty's blue cow.

    Sugar Creek Gang Books 31 to 36

    Tree House Mystery - The boys create their own "headquarters" down by the river using an old lawn umbrella and some elaborate thatch work. Soon they discover that someone is living in their tree house! And when their guest turns out to an African American man, prejudice rears its ugly head within the Gang. Join the Gang as they learn that the value of people has nothing to do with their skin color.

    The Cemetery Vandals - The Sugar Creek Gang swings into action when the boys discover filthy language painted on the bridge abutments, a hole in their rowboat, and Sarah Paddler's tombstone knocked over at the cemetery. A chase ensues when some of the Gang find two of the vandals in Old Man Paddler's cabin. Can Bill Collins make it to the cave in time to trap them? See how God works everything out for good as the criminals are captured with help of the Gang's arch enemy.

    The Battle of the Bees - What kind of trouble can Bill Collins get into while he is baby-sitting his little sister, Charlotte Ann? The Gang find themselves in the middle of a war between two of the beehives in Mr. Collins' honey bee yard. A note from Old Man Paddler challenges the Sugar Creek Gang with a riddle that reveals more than they bargained for as they uncover a trespassing boy up at his cabin in the woods. Learn with the Gang about loving as Jesus does.

    Locked in the Attic - Bill Collin's cousin's dog, Alexander, saved the gang, but lost his life in a battle with a wildcat. Now Alexander's grave is in danger of being washed away by a flash flood. While relocating the dog's grave to Tom the Trapper's dog cemetery, the gang discovers the hideout of an escaped criminal. They're trapped! Will evil triumph over good, or will the gang be taken hostage by this dangerous man? See how God protects those who trust in Him.

    Runaway Rescue - Bill and Poetry stumble over a lost red shoe on the way to Old Man Paddler's cabin. Not too much later, they discover who it belongs to—a girl who's run away from home. But what this missing girl doesn't know is that she's been bitten by a rabid pet and will die if she doesn't get to a hospital soon! Can the gang track down the girl and get her to safety before its too late? See how God can use us when we help others.

    The Case of the Missing Calf - The Gang springs into action looking for clues when Wandering Winnie, Little Jim's Hereford calf, is nabbed by cattle rustlers. But in chasing down the culprits, Bill and Poetry end up on a wild ride in the back of the thieves' pick-up truck. What if they're discovered? How are they going to escape? Through some quick thinking and footwork, the gang not only captures the cattle rustlers, but learns that giving is better than receiving.