Starlight Series - Set of 6

Starlight Series - Set of 6
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    ISBN: 9780971416161
    Author: Janet Muirhead Hill
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Raven Publishing
    Series: Starlight Series
    Ages: 8 to 12
    Size: 5¼ X 7¾
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    Miranda is a lonely ten-year-old girl in the first book of this saga that sees her to her 14th birthday. She has been sent to live with her grandparents and to go to a school where she is unaccepted. She believes that if she only has a horse, she wouldn't care about not having any friends. She is wrong, but learns many valuable lessons about herself, honesty, friendship, and, yes, horses, along the way.

    Miranda and Starlight

    Ten-year-old Miranda Stevens, sent to live on her grandparents' Montana dairy farm while her mom seeks her fortune in Hollywood, is having trouble fitting in the small country school. She thinks that if she could have a horse, nothing else would matter. Then she meets the young, black stallion, Starlight, and both their lives are changed. Join fervent and impulsive Miranda, her friends, Christopher and Laurie, and their horses in this fast moving adventure.

    Starlight's Courage

    In this exciting sequel to Miranda and Starlight, both the girl and the horse, an injured two-year-old stallion, are called upon to exhibit loyalty, courage, and endurance.Thinking that Starlight's owner is determined to have him put down, Miranda takes matters into her own hands to save him. A fierce competition with classmate rivals at the Montana Winter Fair ends when a madman seeks revenge against Miranda and her horse.

    Starlight, Star Bright

    Eleven-year-old Miranda Stevens is in love with a horse that belongs to grouchy Mr. Taylor, owner of Shady Hills Horse Ranch. She nurses him back to health after an injury to his leg nearly ended his life in book one. It hardly looks hopeful that Mr. Taylor will ever allow her to buy Starlight, no matter how hard she works, but at least Mr. Taylor is letting her care for him and secretly ride him, when no one else ever has.

    Starlight's Shooting Star

    The fourth book of the Miranda and Starlight series finds Miranda Stevens, sixth grader at Country View School, getting into scrapes and adventures at school, at home, and most of all at the Shady Hills Horse Ranch where her friend Christopher keeps his mare, Queen, and where Miranda cares for, rides, and plays with the black Stallion, Starlight. Queen has a beautiful dark red foal sired by Starlight. Ignoring the young filly, Shooting Star, because she isn't black, his signature color, Mr. Taylor asks Miranda to help a jockey bond with Starlight so he can enter him in some races. She wants to keep Starlight as a horse that only she can ride.

    Starlight Shines for Miranda

    Miranda believes she is the luckiest girl in the world. Her missing father, whom she never knew before, has returned to become a part of her life, and her favorite black stallion, Starlight, is now half hers, with the promise that he will be all hers when Mr. Taylor dies. She spends every spare moment with Starlight, exploring the hills and pastures on the large Shady Hills Ranch, both of them happy to be together. But when Mr. Taylor takes Starlight on a racing tour without her, she feels as if her world has come to an end. It turns out that Starlight is missing her just as much, and she is called to come to Texas. What happens next comes as a big surprise to everyone, especially, Miranda.

    Stalight Comes Home

    A new baby brother is born, and a cousin of Laurie's moves to Montana to further complicate Miranda's life. When Starlight disappears, Miranda and Chris go on a search and rescue mission and end up saving a life.