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Small Talk - Learning From My Children About What Matters Most

Small Talk - Learning From My Children About What Matters Most
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    Author: Amy Julia Becker
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Zondervan
    Size: 5½ X 8½
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    Sometimes God Uses the Smallest Voice to Teach the Greatest Truths

    Every day, one of Amy Julia Becker's children says something that prompts her to think about life in a new way. "Mom, does Santa love me?" William asks, after his mother explains the meaning of Christmas... In a chat with her dad about the children who died in the Sandy Hook shooting, Penny asks, "Did they go to heaven?"... "You was a jerk, Mommy?" asks Marilee one morning in the car.

    These conversations deepen Amy Julia's relationship with her children, but they also refine her understanding of what she believes and what God is doing in her own life.

    In Small Talk, Amy Julia draws from the wisdom and curiosity of those young voices to reflect on beauty and kindness, tragedy and disability, prayer and miracles. As she moves through the basic questions her kids posed when they were very young to the more intellectual questions of later childhood, she invites us to learn from our own day-to-day conversations with the children in our lives.

    This eloquent parenting memoir is about the big questions little hearts ask, the thoughts their words provoke, and the laughter and soul-searching their honesty brings—to adult and child alike.