The Shepherd's Library with John MacArthur - Set of 3

The Shepherd's Library with John MacArthur - Set of 3
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    Author: John MacArthur
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Harvest House
    Series: The Shepherd's Library
    Size: 6 X 9¼
    Accelerated Reader: No
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    Titles include:

    The Shepherd as Leader

    Contributors such as John Piper, Albert Mohler Jr., Steven Lawson, and others offer timeless guidance on...

    • the characteristics of a faithful leader
    • the urgency of purity and integrity in a leader's life
    • the necessity and practice of prayer
    • a proper response to opposition and suffering
    • the leader's need for a heart of true humility

    Every leadership principle in this book was modeled by Christ Himself, the best leader we could ever learn from.

    The Shepherd as Preacher

    You will survey the essentials every minister needs to know, including...

    • the focus and purpose of Biblical preaching
    • the character of a faithful preacher
    • the keys to effective preaching
    • how to preach in the Spirit's power

    Yours is a high and holy privilege—one with incredible potential to change lives. This book will equip you to fulfill that calling with excellence.

    The Shepherd as Theologian

    Pastor John MacArthur and other respected teachers delve into key theological issues on...

    • justification by faith alone
    • The Great Commission
    • a literal six-day creation
    • the extent of the Atonement
    • premillennialism

    Knowing what you believe and why you believe it is absolutely critical to teaching well. Study the central doctrines of Christianity, and get equipped to accurately proclaim God's Word.