Sheet Pan Suppers: Meatless Non-Returnable Mark

Sheet Pan Suppers: Meatless Non-Returnable Mark
    Please note: There is a small non-returnable mark on the spine of this book.
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    ISBN: 9780761189930
    Author: Raquel Pelzel
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Workman Publishing
    Size: 7 X 9
    Total Pages: 250
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    Say YES to the SHEET PAN! Vegetable-forward cooking never tasted so good!

    YES, it's easy: It's the one-pot meal, reinvented. Along with a sharp knife, a wooden spoon, and a reliable oven, the sheet pan is all you need to get a great dinner (or lunch, breakfast, or dessert) on the table.

    YES, it's delicious: The sheet pan uses three techniques - roasting, baking, and broiling - that intensify flavors. It's pure satisfaction, without the meat.

    YES! Soup in a sheet pan! And yes, Sheet Pan Chili, No-Boil Mac and Cheese, Spicy Thai Green Curry Potpie, not to mention grain bowls and bahn mi, risotto, tacos, chilaquiles and savory slab pies, breakfast streusel and a Rustic Pear Galette. It's pure creativity on a sheet pan.

    Some of the recipes are:

      Caramelized Onion Dip
      Sweet Potato, Blue Cheese, and Pecan Salad
      Creamy Carrot Polenta with Winter Squash Ragu
      Meatball, Peppers, and Onion Grinders
      Roasted Vegetable Lasagna
      Smoky Eggplant and Provolone Pizza
      Roasted Strawberry Danish
      Eggs in Guajillo Chili Sauce
      Honey-Glazed Spice Cake
      Chocolate Creme Pie Squares