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Flight of the Eagles - The Seven Sleepers #1 MP3

Flight of the Eagles - The Seven Sleepers #1 MP3
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    Author: Gilbert Morris
    Format: MP3
    Publisher: Oasis Audio
    Series: The Seven Sleepers
    Ages: 12 to 15
    Size: 5½ X 4¾
    Running Time (Minutes): 3 hours
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    Josh Adams, 14, awakes from a 50-year sleep. Ancient prophecy commands him and the other Sleepers to unite in battle against the evil priests, and combat the doubt that threatens their faith. By famed Christian author Gilbert Morris!

    Fourteen year-old Joshua Adams wakes from a fifty-year sleep to find that he escaped nuclear war—and that the genetically altered races of Earth now hail his awakening as the first fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

    For of old it was sung that the Seven Sleepers would awaken to unite their strength with Goél and join in battle against the wicked priests of the Sanhedrin. But the choice of Josh and each member of the quest is a dangerous one. He must survive not only the peril of the Sanhedrin but the doubt that threatens his faith and, ultimately, his commitment to Goél, his spiritual champion.

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