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Secrets of American History - Ready to Read Level 3 - Set of 6

Secrets of American History - Ready to Read Level 3 - Set of 6
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    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    Series: Ready to Read
    Ages: 6 to 9
    Size: 5¾ X 8¾
    For Grades: 2 to 5
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    These Level 3 readers have longer, more complex story plots and character development. They also have a more difficult sentence structure and challenging vocabulary words.

    Inside- Revolutionary War: The Founding Fathers Were Spies!

    Titles include:

    Revolutionary War: The Founding Fathers Were Spies!

    Did you know George Washington was a spy? It's true! During the Revolutionary War, founders like Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin sent secret messages, used invisible ink, and more. Unlock some of their secrets in this book!

    Civil War: Heroes Who Risked Everything for Freedom

    Did you know that Harriet Tubman was a spy during the Civil War? Or that a man named Robert Smalls used secret hand signals to escape slavery by taking over a Confederate ship? Find out about these heroes and many more in this book!

    World War II: Secret Agents! Sharks! Ghost Armies!

    Did you know Americans used creative tactics to win World War II, such as inflatable tanks, shark repellent, and more? It's true! Find out why, and meet the Allies' most dangerous spy, Virginia Hall, in this book!

    World War I: Fearless Flyers, Dazzle Painters, and Code Talkers!

    Did you know about the heroes who fought in World War I, like Eugene Bullard, the first African American fighter pilot, or the American Indians who sent secret messages in the Choctaw Telephone Squad? Discover their true stories as well as the top secret innovations that helped change America's history.

    Space Age

    Did you know that you can't bring a sandwich on a spaceship? Or that a group of deaf volunteers helped send astronauts to the moon? Find out about these true stories and more in this book!

    Monuments and Landmarks

    Discover Mount Rushmore's Hidden Room and other monumental secrets!