The Runner's Diet

The Runner's Diet
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    ISBN: 9781594862052
    Author: Madelyn H. Fernstrom, PhD, CNS
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Rodale
    Size: 6 X 9
    Total Pages: 204
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    Are you a runner who wants to keep off those unwanted pounds and optimize performance? Do you run and still fail to lose weight? Do you want to start running or walking to lose weight? The Runner's Diet will show you how.

    You will learn:

    • How to jump-start by analyzing your eating habits and activity patterns
    • How to set realistic goals and achieve them
    • Why the 50-25-25 plan works best for runners (and walkers)
    • How to determine what fluids and supplements you really need

    ...and how to follow the Runner's Diet to maintain a stable weight for life!