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Riverbend Friends - Set of 4

Riverbend Friends - Set of 4
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    Author: Stephanie Coleman and C.J. Darlington
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Tyndale
    Series: Riverbend Friends
    Ages: 12 to 16
    Size: 5½ 8¼
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    This series travels alongside four friends as they deal with teen life in Riverbend, Indiana. The novels inspire girls and young women to deepen their relationships with God and solve their problems in God-honoring ways.

    Titles include:

    Real, Not Perfect

    Tessa has lived a trouble-free life as the only child of two loving parents—she is well-liked, gets straight As, is on the competitive swim team, and is active in her church youth group. It’s a pretty perfect life! That is, until she comes home from swim practice one day to find that her parents are divorcing. Along with that, her BFF has moved to Florida, and Tessa gets stuck in Intro to Drama—possibly the worst class ever!

    Searching for Normal

    Six months ago Shay Mitchell’s life changed forever. Now she’s just trying to survive school bullies, drama class, and living with her Aunt Laura above the bookstore. No one, not even her new friends, knows her real story or the reason she’s living with her aunt in the first place.

    The Me You See

    Winter break is usually Izzy’s favorite time of year, but this year all it does is make her feel lonely.

    Chasing the Spotlight

    Everything about Amelia feels big—her hair, her weight . . . and her personality. Amelia’s refuge, her passion, her place of belonging is theater. Someday she’s going to be on Broadway, but this year, she’ll settle for the lead in the spring musical.