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Childhood of Famous Americans - Men Value Pack 1: Ready to Read - Set of 6

Childhood of Famous Americans - Men Value Pack 1: Ready to Read -    Set of 6
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    Ages: 6 to 9
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    — Inside Abe Lincoln and the Muddy Pig

    Emerging readers will love this Ready-to-Read value pack of six Ready-to-Read books for the price of four! For an added bonus, take a peek inside for tips to help your child become a reading star!

    Perfect for emerging readers, the Childhood of Famous Americans and Stories of Famous Americans series illustrates the incredible true stories of great Americans such as Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin. Plus, check the inside of the packaging for a bonus set of tips to help your reading star soar to new heights. Included in this Ready-to-Read value pack are:

    Abe Lincoln and the Muddy Pig
    Albert Einstein
    John Adams Speaks for Freedom
    George Washington’s First Victory
    Ben Franklin and His First Kite
    Thomas Jefferson and the Ghost Riders

    Titles include:

    Abe Lincoln and the Muddy Pig

    Abe Lincoln is on his way to give an important speech when he comes across a pig stuck in the mud. If he stops to help the pig, he'll get his brand-new suit dirty. But young Abe can't stand to see an animal in trouble. What should he do?

    Ben Franklin and His First Kite

    Ten-year-old Ben Franklin finds working in his father's candle shop boring—he'd much rather be doing experiments. He can't wait to try out his latest idea. With nothing but a simple kite, can Ben get across the pond—without swimming a single stroke?


    George Washington's First Victory

    When George Washington was eleven years old, he wanted nothing more than to visit his brother who lived many miles away. George's mother would not allow him to go, but George thought of a clever way to convince her. His first victory wasn't as grand as leading the troops during the Revolutionary War, but it showed the determined type of man he was to become.

    Albert Einstein Genius of the Twentieth Century

    From a young age Albert Einstein was curious and very smart. But that didn't mean life was easy for him. In fact, being so smart sometimes made things harder for him! Read all about his life, and find out why Albert Einstein is known as the genius of the twentieth century.

    John Adams Speaks for Freedom

    John Adams didn't enjoy traveling. He much preferred to stay home with his wife and children. But John Adams also had a dream: He wanted to see the thirteen colonies free from English rule. He wanted to see the creation of a new country—the United States of America. John Adams did whatever was needed to make his dream come true.

    Thomas Jefferson and the Ghostriders

    Young Thomas Jefferson has been warned about the Native American burial mound near his house. But one night he decides to see it for himself. Tom hides in the bushes and thinks he hears ghosts approaching. It turns out to be a Native American tribe coming to pay its respects, and Tom learns an important lesson.