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Precious Moments 3 DVD Pack

Precious Moments 3 DVD Pack
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    ISBN: 853076002528
    Author: Sam Butcher
    Format: DVD
    Publisher: Pacific Entertainment
    Series: Precious Moments
    Ages: 1 to 4
    Size: 15½ X 7½
    Running Time (Minutes): 78 minutes
    List Price: $35.95
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    Join Timmy the Angel in his adventures.

    Titles include:

    Little Sparrow

    In his latest adventure, Timmy the Angel is given an important new assignment. He must find a way to help the people in two villages who are about to be stricken with illness. The Native Americans have lived in the valley for centuries; new settlers now live across the river. Join Timmy as he helps Little Sparrow and Johnny find the health giving berries and bring their two villages together in friendship and trust.

    Simon the Lamb

    What's it like to be different than everybody else? As a brave little lamb is about to discover, it s not what's on the outside, but what's on the inside that counts! When Timmy the Angel accidentally drops a bit of rainbow paint on Simon, the poor little lamb turns from fleecy white to blue! Shunned by all the other lambs in the barnyard because he's different, Simon's only pal is a feisty little fox named Oscar. But when a snowy winter storm blows up out of nowhere, the same lambs who made fun of Simon suddenly find themselves stranded in the blizzard!

    Who's Who at the Zoo?

    What would life be like without beauty and color? In the dingy little English town of Muddlesby, the zoo is the only beautiful place left. Unfortunately, Mayor Weatherby insists that the zoo must be closed to make way for progress, a new railroad. The Zookeeper's daughter, Jessie, can save the zoo if only she can show Mayor Weatherby how important color and beauty are to the people of Muddlesby. With the help of Timmy the Angel, Mayor Weatherby dreams a hilarious color catastrophe and learns a valuable lesson.