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Marguerite Henry's Ponies of Chincoteague Complete Boxed Set of 8

Marguerite Henry's Ponies of Chincoteague Complete Boxed Set of 8
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    ISBN: 9781534414297
    Author: Catherine Hapka
    Format: Boxed Set
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    Series: Ponies of Chincoteague
    Ages: 8 to 12
    Size: 5 X 7¾
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    Maddie, Brooke, Haley, and Nina—each one owns or rides a pony descended from Misty of Chincoteague. Though they live in different parts of the country, they become close friends because of their shared passion for these ponies.

    Titles include:

    Please read carefully: The book "Moonlight Mile" is based on a Creole family from New Orleans and their family history of superstition and voodoo. The main character of the story is learning about her family history, their belief in ghosts, and use of voodoo. These beliefs/practices are a main component of the storyline. This title is part of the boxed set, but we do not offer the title for sale individually.

    Maddie's Dream

    I wish more than anything that Cloudy was my pony. When I'm riding her, I know no one else could love her as much as I do. Cloudy is my friend. She understands me in a way no one else can or ever will. Cloudy is descended from Misty of Chincoteague. She's owned by the Solano Stables, and I ride her whenever I can. I never, ever dreamed that the Richardsons, the family who once owned and almost ruined her, would want Cloudy back for their daughter Amber. I need a plan—now—and I'm waiting to hear from my friends Nina, Brooke, and Haley. They don't live nearby, but they also have Chincoteague ponies and are the only ones who know how I feel.

    Blue Ribbon Summer

    I really wasn't one hundred percent sure I even wanted to go to Camp Pocomoke for two weeks with my pony, Foxy, this summer. I was so used to my routines of riding Foxy bareback and hanging out with my friend Adam. And once I got here, I wanted to run. The girls in my group have been coming to camp together—with their horses—for years and are best summer friends, with no room for me. But I couldn't help falling in love with no room for me. Foxy is learning more and more from our daily lessons. So when I found out that Pocomoke is going to be sold to a big-time real estate developer and that no one will ever ride here again, I knew I would have to do everything I could, even become friends with my enemies, to save the summer—forever.

    Chasing Gold

    For months I've been saving my money to ride in a clinic with a world-famous event rider. Wings has to be ready, so can I help it if that means extra trot sets early each morning and schooling Wings and cleaning tack all weekend long? If Tracey and Emma were truly my best friends, they would know I don't have a choice. Was it such a big deal that I missed Tracey's party? Or the dance at school? Maybe they'll understand when Wings and I make the Olympic team one day and my dreams for a gold medal finally come true.

    Moonlight Mile

    I know it sounds weird, but I believe in ghosts. A Peralt family legend tells the story of my father's great-great-great-aunt, Serena, whose unhappy, restless spirit still haunts his relatives. When everything is going perfectly right, something makes it go horribly wrong. What else can explain what happened at the Cypress Trail Stables horse show? I really wanted everyone to know—especially my friend Jordan's older brother, Brett—what an awesome pony Breezy is. He's my Chincoteague pony, and I guess I did want to show off—but who could blame me?

    A Winning Gift

    When I opened the top drawer of my mother's dresser, hoping to get a peek at my birthday present, I could not believe what I saw: papers that read "Transfer to London. United States Air Force." What did these papers mean? Was my mom being transferred again? Would we be leaving California for good? What about my friends? What about school? And what would happen to my Chincoteague pony, Cloudy? And to make my life worse, my best friend, Bridget, says only riding Cloudy will heal her broken heart. She's been miserable ever since she broke up with her first boyfriend. I really want to help Bridget, but these may be my very last days with Cloudy. And I deserve this special gift, don't I?

    True Riders

    Why do I always have to share? Sure, I really love my little brother and sister, and I've shared everything with them: my favorite dessert (caramel coffee chip sundae), my favorite book (Misty of Chincoteague), but Foxy, my favorite pony? No way. I was furious when my parents forced me to let Ethan and Emma take turns riding Foxy. They might have been having fun—Ethan couldn't stop shouting "Yee-haw!"—but Foxy isn't used to them. She's been acting up and backsliding in her training. And with a horse show coming up, which my friend Adam talked me into entering, Foxy isn't the only one who's nervous. I'm as scared as I've ever been to ride her.

    Back in the Saddle

    I can't believe I actually fell off Wings! At an event... in front of judges... losing to Riley, a know-it-all rider I really wanted to beat. All winter long, almost every single day, Wings and I had jumped and practiced dressage on our homemade cross-country course on my aunt and uncle's farm. I don't understand how he messed up, but I have to make sure it doesn't happen at our next major event. And if that means practicing from sunup till sundown, that's just what we'll have to do to win. When we're on our game, I know Wings and I can totally beat Riley and her horse any day of the week. We'll show everyone.

    The Road Home

    Weird thing number 1: my friend Leah. I don't know what's happening to her. We've been inseparable since first grade, but lately she's been so moody, lashing out at anyone who even looks at her, spreading rumors that I've been stealing from people's lockers, and isolating herself from everybody. Weird thing number 2: my pony, Breezy. He's usually quiet and well-behaved, and maybe a tiny bit on the lazy side. But now he doesn't have an ounce of energy. He's sluggish and sleepy, and just yesterday he had a saddle sore that he didn't have the day before. Leah and Breezy have never, ever acted like this. I know I have to stop worrying and start helping. But where do I begin?