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The Pilgrim's Progress: 125th Anniversary Collector's Edition

The Pilgrim's Progress: 125th Anniversary Collector's Edition
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    ISBN: 9780890514405
    Author: John Bunyan
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Master Books
    Size: 8½ X 11¼
    Total Pages: 960
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    This exquisite reproduction of a 19th century masterpiece is a 960-page volume with NINE BOOKS IN ONE!

    An instant family heirloom, this hardcover edition was originally published in 1876. Over 125 years later, Master Books has re-created this valuable heirloom. It is a masterpiece that has been reproduced using the best of today's modern technology in order to keep the original look and feel—historic stains and all!

    Included in this "Collector's Edition" Volume:

    Not since the 19th century has this collection of "Bunyan Classics" been available or accessible to anyone and everyone. This classic edition has been painstakingly reproduced in its complete form and includes such rare treasures as:

    • John Bunyan's personal memoir
    • His last sermon—preached in the year 1688
    • His personal account of his life before he accepted Christ
    • His time spent in prison for preaching
    • And also included, over a dozen beautifully detailed artistic etchings that visually narrate special scenes

    John Bunyan's famous work, The Pilgrim's Progress, is, next to the Bible, the most popular book ever published. It has been widely distributed the world over since originally published in the 17th century. But many aren't familiar with the story in its original form or its famous author and his life story. Master Books is now making available this exquisite reproduction of the 125-year-old historical compilation manuscript in its original entirety.