Phantom Stallion Set of 20 Audio CDs

Phantom Stallion Set of 20 Audio CDs
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    Author: Terri Farley
    Format: CD
    Publisher: Oasis Audio
    Series: Phantom Stallion
    Ages: 8 to 12
    Size: 6½ X 5½
    Running Time (Minutes): Approx. 2 hours per album
    Accelerated Reader: No
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    Titles include:

    The Wild One

    When 13-year-old Samantha returns home to her family′s cattle ranch in Nevada, she′s worried. She moved away two years ago to recover from a bad fall off her beloved mustang, Blackie, and she′s still not sure she can get back in the saddle. Her new colt doesn′t seem to like her, and the other ranchers treat her like the boss′s spoiled daughter, and Blackie has been missing since that fateful day.

    Mustang Moon

    A rogue mustang is stealing mares, but the Phantom is taking the blame. It′s up to Sam to defend his innocence and his life.

    Dark Sunshine

    When Sam rescues an abused mare from outlaw horse rustlers, she knows she’s done the right thing. But the ranch already has a full corral, and a long drought means the cattle are running out of grass. Of course her dad refuses to allow her to adopt another mustang. The frightened and dangerous mare is just beginning to trust Sam when the rustlers learn Sam is the one who told the authorities about their illegal wild horse trap. Now, it’s up to Sam to keep the mare — and herself — safe.


    When an ambitious rodeo contractor comes to town, Sam’s worried. The contractor wants to buy tamed mustangs from local ranchers, including Sam’s dad, and doesn’t seem to like taking no for an answer.

    Free Again

    When Sam finds a home for a group of “unadoptable” mustangs, she feels like a hero. But when she promises to help care for the horses–especially the blind filly among them–she’s overwhelmed with responsibilities. Then the filly wanders off alone in a snowstorm. Will Sam be able to find her in time? Or will the Phantom be the one who saves the day?


    Cougars have been spotted nearby, but they haven’t hurt the ranch horses – yet. So Samantha is outraged when a neighboring rancher vows to kill the mountain lions on sight. Her family’s horses may be safe, but out on the range Sam spots a wild young stallion without a herd. Being alone puts this horse in danger. Sam is determined to protect the rebellious mustang and still save the cougars.

    Desert Dancer

    The Phantom’s lead mare is missing from the herd, and Sam’s worried she may have been captured. When Sam finds the mare safe— in government custody—she’s desperate to set her free. But the horse is badly injured, and setting her free on the range could slow down the mare’s entire herd, putting them at risk in the dangerous winter months. How far should Sam go to help the horses she loves?

    Golden Ghost

    Sam discovers a lost palomino in a spooky ghost town. The horse looks like a mirage, but also looks well cared for, and even familiar. Could it be the missing horse from her best friend’s ranch?

    Gift Horse

    When Samantha rescues a beautiful draft horse from an auction, she’s sure he’ll be perfect to groom for resale. The giant horse – named Tinkerbell! – is so big, Sam can barely saddle him. He’s great at jumping–over pasture fences. Will he be helpful at a ranch, or too much to handle? Then disaster strikes River Bend, and it’s Sam who needs help. And just in time to save the day, Tinkerbell’s true strength is revealed.

    Red Feather Filly

    As Samantha and her friends prepare for a charity horse race, they’re very excited. Sam is riding Ace, and her race partner, Jake, plans to train a pinto filly running free on reservation lands. But the wild pinto has other plans. When the filly escapes and runs off with the Phantom, Sam is torn. If she helps Jake, she’s taking the filly away from the Phantom. Will she betray her friend or her wild horse?


    Samantha discovers a plot to wipe out the wild horses near her family’s ranch, but she can’t convince anyone else that the Phantom’s herd needs help. When her insistence that the mustangs are in danger pits her against her family, her classmates, and the local sheriff, her only friend left is the Phantom Stallion. Can he help her solve the mustang mystery before her dad sends her out of harm’s way, back to San Francisco?

    Rain Dance

    The Phantom Stallion’s new foal is ready to be born, and River Bend Ranch’s own Dark Sunshine is the mother. Samantha couldn’t be more excited, and she’s sure she can handle the new baby while everyone is gone on the annual cattle drive.

    Heartbreak Bronco

    When a hard luck horse named Jinx comes to River Bend, everyone thinks he’s a curse. Samantha knows he’s not, but he is unruly, skittish, and the fastest horse she’s ever seen. Then there’s a runaway in the middle of the night, and someone gets a snakebite. Is the bronco really a jinx? Or could he be the good luck charm Sam needs to save the day?


    When a pack of vicious hunting dogs is found running loose on the range, Samantha is worried they might attack the Phantom Stallion’s new foals. But the Phantom is busy protecting his herd from New Moon, a rival stallion and the Phantom’s fully-grown son. If Sam can’t help the horses, will the stallions learn to band together in time?

    Kidnapped Colt

    When a friend needs Samantha’s help with his new colt and its mother, she’s torn. Sam wants what’s best for the horses, but her friend’s plan could put them in danger.So when the two horses go missing, Sam feels responsible. She’s sure the mare has run away with the Phantom, but what will happen to the colt? Can Sam bring him home before it’s too late?

    Wildest Heart

    When a lightning storm strikes the wild horse sanctuary and sets the pasture on fire, all the mustangs panic — including the Phantom’s herd.Then, in the midst of the fire, a terrible accident injures the Phantom, and Sam is terrified that he might not recover. If he doesn’t, can he survive in the wild? Or will Sam’s wild horse need to be captured?

    Mountain Mare

    Samantha would be thrilled to be helping drive cattle to the Darton Rodeo, but she’s worried. A strange horse shows up at the rodeo, and the mare’s definitely tame. But who is her owner? Sam is determined to solve the mystery, even when she starts being threatened by someone . . . who will do anything to stop her.


    When the Phantom’s wild colt is burned in a brushfire, both his body and mind are scarred. His healing begins when a teenage boy, partly paralyzed in a car accident, meets the young horse. Can they support each other on their road to recovery?

    Secret Star

    A movie star horse and his trainer are coming to River Bend Ranch, and Samantha can’t wait. But when Bayfire shows up, something is obviously wrong. The famous stallion has lost his sparkle.

    Bayfire has to get ready for his biggest, most dangerous scene of his new movie. If Sam can’t help bring back the stallion’s fiery spirit, his career could be over—and someone could get hurt.

    Blue Wings

    Summer is ending, and Samantha’s dad’s birthday is right around the corner. When her stepmom picks out a mustang for his present, Sam thinks it’s a perfect idea. But will her dad agree?