Painful History Series - Set of 3

Painful History Series - Set of 3
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    ISBN: 9781410918703
    Author: John Townsend
    Format: Reinforced Hardcover
    Publisher: Raintree
    Series: A Painful History of Childhood/History of Crime
    Ages: 11 to 15
    Size: 6½ X 9½
    Total Pages: 48
    For Grades: 5 to 9
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    A Painful History of Childhood and A Painful History of Crime takes a look at the life of children and young people, from ancient civilizations right up to modern times. The series includes unusual and interesting stories from different cultures and at different times in history. Readers will learn how difficult life was for some young people and how much things have changed! Kids will learn about the history of crime, crime prevention and law enforcement.

    What's inside?

    • dramatic photographs and illustrations
    • amazing facts and true stories
    • historical backgrounds to set the scene

    —Scary Schools and Horrid Homework

    Titles include:

    Nasty Bugs and Ghastly Medicine

    A history of the treatment of childhood illness. Includes photographs and illustrations showing medical advances from the Middle Ages through modern times.

    Scary Schools and Horrid Homework

    A history of education including photographs, illustrations, and real-life accounts of school life and teaching methods of the past.

    Weary Work and Lousy Leisure

    What did people use sheep ankle bones for? What did "fish cutters" do to earn one dollar? What was life like for a "chimney sweep?" Using dramatic photos and illustrations, this book explores the fascinating history of child labor and family entertainment.