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The One-Stop History of the Bible

The One-Stop History of the Bible
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    ISBN: 9780745970363
    Author: Robert V. Huber and Stephen M. Miller
    Format: Hardcover
    Publisher: Lion Hudson
    Size: 8¾ X 9¾
    Total Pages: 128
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    Key features of The One-Stop History of the Bible include:

    • An accessible overview of the history of the Bible
    • Major chapters on the selection of books making up the Bible, and translation through the ages
    • An up-to-date account of how the Bible is available today
    • Over 150 full-color illustration

    The biggest-selling book ever published has now been written down and translated into over 530 languages. This colorful and comprehensive guide to the history of the Bible tells the story of how, over a period of more than 1,000 years, the different books of the Bible were transcribed and then selected to form part of the Old and New Testaments, when the first translations happened, as well as how key moments in both church and world history have affected the way the Bible is both perceived and used