Not From Around Here MP3 CD

Not From Around Here MP3 CD
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    ISBN: 9781640912984
    Author: Brandon J. O'Brien
    Format: MP3
    Publisher: Oasis Audio
    Size: 5½ X 5
    Running Time (Minutes): 4 hours
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    Tidy categories may suit the media, but people are more complex up close.

    News outlets, historians, and sociologists can (and do) tell us all about the statistics, but they dont't (and can't) tell us what it's really like in a given place - how the squish of creek water between your toes or the crunch of autumn leaves on a city sidewalk shape your sense of what's normal and good and right. To understand that - to understand the people in the places - we need stories. We need to listen, get to know the nuance of people, and have empathy for their way of seeing things.

    Brandon O’Brien writes about his life growing up in rural America, young adulthood in the suburbs, and midlife in Manhattan. Through personal stories, humor, and reflection he looks at how the place we grow up shapes our lives, beliefs, and faith.

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