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Swamp Cat - Nature Stories by Jim Kjelgaard

Swamp Cat - Nature Stories by Jim Kjelgaard
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    ISBN: 9781597657426
    Author: Jim Kjelgaard
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: AB Publishing
    Series: Nature Stories
    Ages: 10 and Up
    Size: 5¼ X 7½
    Total Pages: 177
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    An outstanding writer about the outdoors gives us two heroes in this fascinating book. One is a young boy who lives alone most happily on the edge of a swamp, earning his living from it. The other is, astonishingly, a black house cat. At least, Frosty started off as a city kitten, but by the time he proves his ability to survive the perils of the swamp wilderness and decides to share the boy's cabin with him, he is as much a part of his rugged environment as the deer, the horned owls, and the muskrats.

    The boy decides to stock the swamp with muskrats, without realizing that there are other enemies besides the predatory swamp creatures in this location where ancient family feuds have been allowed to hang on.

    There is the very feel of the wild country in all its moods, death-dealing or life-giving, and a wonderful closeness to the sensitive feelings and seesaw development of a boy.