Nature Stories by Jim Kjelgaard - Complete Set of 13

Nature Stories by Jim Kjelgaard - Complete Set of 13
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    Author: Jim Kjelgaard
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: AB Publishing
    Series: Nature Stories
    Ages: 10 and Up
    Size: 5¼ X 7½
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    American outdoorsman Jim Kjelgaard was most interested in American history, nature, and animals and he wrote about all three topics. His nature stories have remained some of the most beloved among children even today, though they were originally written in the 1950s.

    Titles include:

    The Black Fawn

    City boy Bud Sloan has been sent to live with Gramps and Gram Bennett. Here he finds a black fawn in the nearby woods and he becomes enchanted with the farm life. Learning to love and be loved by Gram, and allowing Gramps to show him the ways of nature and what true sportsmanship is are some of the lessons this orphan must learn while at the farm.

    Haunt Fox

    Star, a red fox, became known as the "haunt" fox because of his ability to evade all trappers and dogs that were after him. He became the most sought after prize to catch. Jack Crowley and Thunder, his foxhound, were the youngest hunters on Star's trail. A surprising ending makes this one of Jim Kjelgaard's best writings yet.

    A Nose for Trouble

    Smoky refused to hunt with the pack, so old man Tolliver gave him to Tom Rainse, the new Game Warden. Tom discovers that Smoky wants to track men, not animals, and soon he is helping to bring down a ring of poachers.

    Trailing Trouble

    Tom Rainse's prized possessions were his pinto pony, and Smoky, a bloodhound dog with a "nose for trouble." The pinto pony is stolen and Tom uses Smoky to solve the mystery that ensues.

    Desert Dog

    Tawny is the fastest dog of the them all! He loved his freedom in the desert. His speed and courage helped him to survive. However, a rattlesnake gets the better of him. He needs a partner, but who could he find?

    Lion Hound

    Johnny, his grandfather, and a red hound pup live in the wild rimrock country of Arizona. They put their efforts together to track down a marauding mountain lion.

    Wildlife Cameraman

    Aspiring photographer, Jase Mason, decides to spend the summer in the wilderness with his terrier, Buckles. While they are there they have an experience with a well-known poacher, the Cat Bird.

    Irish Red

    Mike is the son of the famous Big Red, finest bird dog in the wilderness. However, Mike is a runt, a misfit, and a general all-around muttonhead. Worse, he is a rebel. This is the sequel to Big Red and it follows the journey of this pup who has to prove that he is his father's son.

    Outlaw Red

    Sean is the champion son of Big Red, famous Irish Setter. Sean has keen hunting instincts, but frets under his pampered kennel life. Then, life changes and now he is on his own. No food is provided, no humans being friendly and interacting with him. Now an outlaw, and forced to hunt, not for fun, but for his very existence, when his path crosses another outlaw and his world again changes!


    Allan and his father live on a wilderness lake. They hunt and fish to survive in the wilderness. Allan's father is put in prison and he is now on his own. Allan's neighbors are giving him trouble, but he refuses to give up. Then Stormy appears and he has troubles too. Sharing both the good and the bad, they learn to help each other through several different types of storms.

    Snow Dog

    This is a story about a young pup who learns to survive in the wild all on his own. His path continues to cross with the black wolf, whom he hated, and the human, whom he did not understand, until one day all three come face to face.

    Wild Trek

    Chiri is the half-wild pup of Snow dog, and his trapper master. They must race to rescue a naturalist whose plane has gone down. When they lose all their equipment, they are forced to have to live as in the stone-age. Courage, ingenuity, and loyalty between both man and dog give this book a gripping tale that only Jim Kjelgaard could have written.

    Swamp Cat

    An outstanding writer about the outdoors gives us two heroes in this fascinating book. One is a young boy who lives alone most happily on the edge of a swamp, earning his living from it. The other is, astonishingly, a black house cat. At least, Frosty started off as a city kitten, but by the time he proves his ability to survive the perils of the swamp wilderness and decides to share the boy's cabin with him, he is as much a part of his rugged environment as the deer, the horned owls, and the muskrats. The boy decides to stock the swamp with muskrats, without realizing that there are other enemies besides the predatory swamp creatures in this location where ancient family feuds have been allowed to hang on. There is the very feel of the wild country in all its moods, death-dealing or life-giving, and a wonderful closeness to the sensitive feelings and seesaw development of a boy.