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Missionary Stories - Set of 2

Missionary Stories -  Set of 2
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    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
    Series: Missionary Stories
    Ages: 8 to 12
    Size: 4¾ X 7¾
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    Learn about how missionaries from around the world, past and present, have built schools, clinics, and reached distant peoples for Jesus.

    Titles include:

    Missionary Stories from Around the World

    You might travel for thousands of miles or you could just go round the corner. Find out about people who really do go into all the world to tell others about Jesus. These people are called Missionaries—and you can be one too. In this book there are twenty-seven different missionary stories. Discover how God has been at work in every corner of the globe.

    Missionary Stories On Safari

    Come on a journey—come on safari! You'll discover about what it's really like to live in Africa. You'll be more than a tourist as you travel through desert tracks and deep jungle with your trusty four-wheel drive friends. They're the ones who help you out when you're struggling through dusty sand banks and forging through muddy rivers. But watch out for the broken axles and burst tires. 4X4's have a hard time of it in Africa. However, when we arrive at our destination it's not the cars that get to work but the missionaries. They're the only ones building clinics, reaching out of the way tribes and helping the helpless as they safari through Kenya with the Word of God.