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The MindWar Trilogy - Set of 3

The MindWar Trilogy - Set of 3
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    Author: Andrew Klavan
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Thomas Nelson
    Series: The Mindwar Trilogy
    Size: 5¾ X 8½
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
    List Price: $29.97
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    Savings: $11.74 (39%)

    Titles include:


    Rick's uncanny gaming skills have attracted attention. Dangerous attention. Government agents have uncovered a potentially devastating cyber threat: a Russian genius has created a digital reality called the Realm, from which he can enter, control, and disrupt American computer systems... from transportation to defense. The agents want Rick, quick-thinking quarterback and gaming master, to enter the Realm and stop the madman—before he sends America into chaos.

    Hostage Run

    The stakes have just gone up. Another attack is imminent, and Rick is the only one who can stop it. How can he, though, when terrorists have kidnapped his best friend Molly and are threatening to kill her if Rick returns to the Realm? As Molly uses every resource of mind and body to outwit her brutal captors, Rick races against time inside a nightmare video game where a fate worse than death may be waiting for him.


    Twice before, Rick Dial has entered the Realm as a Mind Warrior and come back alive. But now, something has gone terribly wrong. A connection has formed in Rick's brain that sends him hurtling into The Realm without his consent—and brings the Realm's monsters into the Real World.