Hunt for Jade Dragon - Michael Vey #4

Hunt for Jade Dragon - Michael Vey #4
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    ISBN: 9781481424394
    Author: Richard Paul Evans
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    Series: Michael Vey
    Ages: 14 and Up
    Size: 6 X 9¼
    Total Pages: 325
    Accelerated Reader: Yes
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    Following the sinking of the Elgen's flagship boat, The Ampere, and disrupting the Elgen plans to overthrow the small island nation of Tuvalu, Michael and the Electroclan are flown to a secret compound to prepare for their next mission: rescuing a child genius—an autistic Chinese girl named Jade Dragon—who has solved the problems the Elgen are having replicating the electric children.

    Once they have finished their training, the Electroclan travels to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. There the Elgen are completing their largest and most secure Starxource compound—and it's where they are holding Jade Dragon. But Michael and his friends are not the only ones hunting. Dr. Hatch and his growing Elgen forces are expecting them...

    After narrowly escaping the Elgen three times before, has the Electroclan's luck finally run out?