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Matthew Tron - A Piedmont Valleys Man

Matthew Tron - A Piedmont Valleys Man
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    Author: Conrad L. Demsky
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Parameter 2 Books
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    Long before the Walsenses were labeled, there existed a culture of believers in the Piedmont valleys of northwest Italy. Their designation was recognized over the centuries. Jerome made a specific reference. Claude of Turin declared scriptural basis for beliefs. Atto of Vercelli was distressed with the agitation of the locals toward the Roman church revelations. Barbarossa wrote of a unique people in this region. Historical records acknowledge a culture of scriptural based believers.

    This is the story before the 13th century and the drive of this society to live, practice and inform regarding their beliefs from the scriptures of a better way. Matthew Tron was a believer who portrayed that life.